| 172.16.0.l Default Admin Login Router Admin Login Router B class Private IP address used for local networking. First host IP address with subnet IP and broadcast address. 172.16.O.1 used as default login IP address. There are many popular brands such as Netgear, 2Wire, Bellnet MB7900, those are using as the default LAN IP address for first-time login routers. Router and modem need to login first-time setup as per your internet settings and change default wireless settings as well. Default IP address protected with default username and password for the first time and default settings usually printed to router sticker or quick user manual comes with the router. The modem needs to connect either a physical wired or wireless connection to access the web interface from browser to setup. Login router with Login IP address bit simple than accessing router using any other IP address, only the thing is network configuration for computer or PC to make IP address accessible.

You need default router settings to access the router from a browser so get your router login credential from the sticker or quick user manual included with the box. if you are not sure router model or log in details for your modem just find below the different combinations that might work with your brands as well.

Default Credential for

Check modem or router to get default username and password for the first-time login. You can also get login settings from the official website using the modem model number.

Username Password
admin admin
admin 1234
admin password
admin na
public public

IF Login settings not working for your router that seems to already change default settings or just check router sticker to get default username and password.

Steps to Login Router Web Interface

Access settings from the browser required a connection with a device using a LAN port or WiFi. You can use a wireless connection or LAN cable from router LAN port to computer/laptop to logging your modem or router device.

  • Power on Modem/Router using DC adapter.
  • Connect LAN cable from Ethernet port or Use WiFI name and password to use wireless connections.
  • Windows/Mac/Linux LAN settings should be in DHCP mode or use static or any other free IP address from the series 172.16 0.1 d
  • Open a web browser and access to the URL bar and wait to load the modem login page.
  • Use default username and password as printed to the router. “Admin” default username and password used by most routers.
  • 172.16.01
  • Successful login to the router will get all settings access. For setup router first time you need to get internet wan settings from your internet providers. Configure WAN settings, change wireless settings, update default WIFI name and password.

A part of basic configuration such as WAN, LAN, Wireless, and other settings you can add an extra security layer to the router by setting up MAC access list, Port forwarding, content filtering, internet schedules, and other configurations.

Fix IP Address Not working

If you facing any issues while accessing the router using 172.16 0.1 IP address or forget your username and password after setup, follow the steps below to fix the problems.

  • Make sure router turn ON
  • Confirm your laptop/mobile connected to the same router if using wireless connections.
  • LAN cable should be connected to LAN port instead of using WAN port.
  • Computer/Laptop LAN settings should be in DHCP or static IP from series.
  • Use proper IP address and avoid spelling mistake http//, www.172.16.0, 8000.1, 172.16 16.2.
  • If you getting a login page but forget your username or password and are locked out then you have the only way to restore the login credential using a reset router.

Netgear C3000 Login- N300 WiFi Cable Modem Router

Reset Router using Reset Button

Resetting the router using the reset button erases all configurations from the router so only reset the router if you have internet settings detail or you really need it.

  • Locate a small reset switch near Ethernet ports.
  • Power ON router and wait a few seconds until it powered on.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds and release the button when the router Led light turns off and turn on automatically.
  • The router will automatically reboot after executing the reset process and it takes a few seconds to restore into default mode.
  • Ping and follow the above steps again to access the router using default settings.

You should only use a reset router if your internet stop working or you are locked out. If your internet already working and you will use the reset method then you have to configure the router again as per internet settings.


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