192.168 0.101 Tenda Login Admin Router

192.168 0.101 Tenda Login Admin

Tenda Wireless Router and Modem used worldwide for broadband internet connection. There are many different models available in Tenda Wireless and wired network products range. Every router is required to set up before connecting to the network as per internet settings provided by internet providers. Tenda Wifi login using the default IP address for the Wireless router is and DSL modems you have to configure PC LAN settings with Tenda Login Admin process to make tenda router to the same series of Although you can use a different IP address as static IP instead of using 192.168 0.101 from to

This tenda login manual will helpful for you if you are an internet service provider or using a Tenda WiFi router in your home or office network. You need to log in Tenda router to manage wireless settings and update the WiFi key after a few days to keep your WiFi network protected from unknown users. You can log in Tenda router either using a wired connection or a wireless connection using the default Wireless SSID and password usually available on the router sticker.

Steps to Login Tenda Router

Login Tenda N301 wireless router or any other models need to connect with router either using LAN port or WiFi connection without using physically wired. In the default settings, most Tenda routers are configured with unsecured wifi networks so you can connect without a password and those protected with passwords can get SSID and password printed to the Tenda sticker.

How to Find Router login IP Address?

  • Unbox Tenda wireless router and power ON with DC adapter.
  • Check the default WiFi SSID name and Password printed on to sticker or Quick user guide to use WiFi connections from Laptop or mobile device.
  • Use LAN cable to connect wired connection from Tenda LAN Port to Computer LAN port.
  • Go to Computer Internet setting and Make IP settings to DHCP or use Static IP for manual configurations.
  • Router Not Getting Full Speed
  • Open the Web browser and access Tenda’s default IP to the URL bar to access the login page.
  • You will get a router login page asking for username and password for legacy models and only passwords for the latest 11n dual-band Tenda router.
  • Use “admin” as the default username and password to log in Tenda router for the first time.
  • If set up the router the first time you may get the option to set a new login password Tenda wiFi password during the first time before login in to advance settings.

A successful login will get a complete Tenda router control panel where you can access all Tenda Login Admin access. You must configure internet WAN settings as per your internet service provider to start internet. Wireless SSID and Key are important to update before you connect to the internet to avoid unknown user connections.

Tenda Wireless SSID and Password Update

Tenda router Wireless Name and Security key important to change during first-time configurations. Follow steps to update N301 Tenda Wireless settings.

Go to Wireless Settings

Wii ON/OFF–  Keep ON

WiFi Name and Password

WiFi Name- tenda (create new Wifi name for Tenda Router)

Security Mode –WPA2-PSK

WiFi Password- tendaWifiPAssword (create New WIFI password for your Tenda WiFi)

tenda wifi router setting

Wifi Signal Strength

Low and High (use signal strength high if area larger size you want to use WiFi Network.

WiFi Schedule

Enable  and Disable

You can set WiFi schedule as per time and day based to enable power saving in route when not in use WiFi will not work and also a useful feature to control WiFI during kids’ exam time.

After managing, all wireless settings press the OK button to confirm settings.

If using a wifi connection to log in Tenda router, you will disconnect after updating settings.

Connect again and follow the next steps to update the Tenda Login Admin password.

Change Tenda Admi Login Password

Administrator passwords give you rights to update and change router configuration so you must update the configuration to secure Tenda access.

Go to Administration- Login Password

New Password– Create Tenda New login Password

Repeat New Password- Type new password again.

 How to change the Admin Password

Save settings and keep remembering for future login.

Apart from simple login access to router web interface if you are facing any error while accessing Tenda router from Browser or Tenda IP address not working seems to miss network configuration or might change in configurations. You can factory reset Tenda Router to restore into default mode and log in from starting to configuration again.

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