– 192.168.O.30 Default login Router Admin login Router Default login IP address used to access router settings in factory mode for first-time configuration. most used default IP address used by many leading brands such as Netgear, Arris, Dlink, and TP-Link. A couple of router brands and model numbers use 192.168.O.30 as the default login IP address such as D-Link DWL-810, TRENDnet TV-IP300W, as well as many others. 

Default LAN IP address pre-configured as the Default gateway IP address for Modem and WiFi router. Apart from the login IP address you also required a 192.168.o.30 password and username to access settings in a default mode from a browser. The default username and password for the Router and DSL modem are printed on the router sticker. 

A wired physical connection with the router to a desktop or laptop is required if you want to use a cable connection. You can also use Wireless SSID and password to access using wireless settings. Login Username and password might be different for each brand and model number that is available on the router table and the quick user manual included with the box. Also, find the default login credential for 192.168 0 30 IP address with different brands works. 

Default Login Credential for 192.168.0 .30 

 Find default login Ip address and username password available on router sticker with brands name, modem number, and other device details. If you are unable to find the login password for your modem or router, try the below combination that works with most of the brands. 

Username  Password 
admin  admin 
admin  Blank 
admin  NA 
user  user 
admin  password 

 In some router brands only the password option is available so if you just find it on the box to log in can use the password only.  

Steps to Login Router Web interface from browser 

 You can access router settings from a mobile or computer browser that depends on the interface supported. Some leading brands also provide apps to set up devices without accessing using IP addresses. 

  •  Power ON Router/Cable Model/VDSL /DSL Modem using DC adapter included with the box 
  • Connect from mobile using Wireless SSID and Key printed to sticker from mobile/laptop. 
  • Use Wired LAN cable from Router LAN port to Desktop LAN port. 
  • Open a web browser and access or to the URL bar. 
  • You will get a router login page asking for a username and password printed to the router sticker. 
  • After successful login to the settings control panel, you can configure Internet, LAN, Wireless, system, and other configurations. 

login password

Change Wireless Network Name and Key 

 Router preconfigured with default WiFi name and password and some brands defaults wifi is open without any key so its important to change WIFI name and update Wireless password during first time setup. If you looking to update your OLD wifi password then you can also follow these steps.  

Go to the Wireless tab from the settings menu. 

Wireless Settings- Basic Settings 

Wireless Radio- Enable 

Wireless Network name (SSID)– WiFi-Home (create SSID as you want to use) 

Channel– Auto 

Channel Width– Auto 

WiFi Password- WPA/WPA2_PSK_AES 

WiFi key– create a WIFI password here. 

Save Apply settings and connect again with a new update Wireless name and password for further settings 

Login Troubleshooting

 If above steps not working for you as simple as they appear in the manual and you facing any error while trying to access the login page or are unable to access the IP address then follow the steps below.  

IP address not Working 

 To solve the IP address not working or taking a long time to respond first confirm the below points 

  • Make sure your router login default IP and also printed to router labile. 
  • Make sure the default IP address is already not changed with a different IP address during the first time setup. 
  • Cable connection should use LAN port of router if using Wired connection to login settings. 
  • The computer/Laptop should be in DHCP IP settings mode in LAN IP settings. 
  • Disable firewall or antivirus that may be preventing IP Addresses from accessing the browser. 
  • Change LAN cable to confirm cable working and not damaged. 
  • Use IP address in proper format avoid using wrong IP address 192.168.o.30,
    192.168 30,192.168.30 ,192168.0 30 ,192.168 030, or others

 How to Reset Netgear Router

Wrong username and password  

If you got a login page but can not access settings because of the wrong username or password error.  

  • Check the default username and password printed on to sticker. 
  • If the router admin password already changed use the updated login password to access settings. 
  • If you changed the admin password but forget then you can factory reset the device to restore default settings. 

 How to Factory Reset Router Password 

 There is the only way to restore the login password is by making the router factory reset. Making router reset to erase all configuration so you have to setup the router again or if you have a configuration backup file use the same to restore the post reset process. 

  • Power ON Modem or Wireless router first. 
  • Use a needle to press the reset button if a reset hole is available in your router. 
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10-15Seconds (depends on brands) and the release button. 
  • Monitor Router LED light you will get a notification that suddenly turns off LED lights and turn ON again. 
  • The router or modem will restore into default settings as printed to your router sticker or instruction manual that comes with the device. 

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