Login Username Password Login Router Admin Password C Class private IP address from series network series. used by and few brands as default gateway IP address such Speco technology and some others.  Default login IP address a pre-configured LAN IP address that uses for first-time setup wireless router, Cable modem, and any other network device. If you are using a cable modem, WiFI router, Network firewall, or VPN router that default IP printed to label and you want login web interface to set up fresh or update any existing configuration then follow the steps below. Every router and network device also configured a default admin login username and password to authenticate the web interface to access settings. You can find the default username and password for printed along with the router model, hardware, and Mac address details in the sticker.

This article you can use to access the router if the default IP address from to the method of accessing the router from any C class IP address same. You can log in to the router with using a wired connection as well as WiFI connection. Settings up router first time required WAN internet settings that you can get from your internet service providers.

Default Login Credential for 192.168..1.7

Router login settings available on router sticker and quick user guide comes with new router box. However, you can also find the login username and password for your router model from the brand official support page. Find some most used and popular login usernames and password combinations that work with most of the brands’ routers.

Default Gateway IP address-

Username Password
admin admin
admin 1234
admin password
admin no password
root no password
root root


Once you get ready with login settings now you can proceed to a physical or wireless connection with your modem router, NVR, DVR, and any other network device.

Access Web Interface

You required to connect with the device using a wired or WiFi connection to access the settings page. The wireless router can connect using both the method wired and wireless but the non Wireless device such as Video camera, NVR, DVR, cable modem without WLAN need to connect fro Ethernet port only.


  • For WiFI connection use WiFI SSID network name and password to connect router from the mobile, laptop.
  • Use a LAN cable to connect using a wired connection from device’s Ethernet port to the computer/laptop lan port.
  • Go to computer LAN settings and use static IP or any other upto not use in PC as its default login IP for router.
  • Power ON router using DC adapter support to the device and follow further steps to access settings.

Netgear 7550 DSL Modem Factory Reset

Login from the web browser

Open a web browser and access and after a few seconds, you will get a device log in page asking for username and password or the only password depends on the login interface of the device.

Provide username and login password as printed to your router sticker or use the above combination and authenticate to access control panel settings.


Once you successfully login to router settings you can change the wireless SSID name and password as well as other security configurations such as port forwarding, firewall, change the admin password, content filtering, Mac access list, and other configuration.

Change WiFI SSID and Password

If you login to the wireless router to update wireless settings then you must follow steps to change the default WIFI name and key.

Find wireless settings tab

Basic Settings

Wireless Network Name (SSID)- Change WIFI name here

WiFI Security– WPA2/PSK

Key– create a strong WiFI password

Apply to save settings and you will disconnect from wifi if using a wifi connection to access router settings.

Connect again with new name and password to further configurations.


Fix Login issue with

If your router default IP 192.168.1. 7 printed but getting an error while accessing from a web browser or mobile device then you have to fix network configuration and connection issue to solve login problem. Not working

Getting error site can’t be reached or refused to connect is a common login error comes with any brand and any default login IP address due to configuration or connections issue. follow steps by steps checklist to solve login problems.

  • Make sure the default login IP you are using to access also the same as printed to the router sticker
  • If using a Wired connection make sure the cable connected to the LAN port.
  • For wireless connection check if you are connected to the same wifi network.
  • Use to access the router page. Mind spell mistakes such as http//, 192.168.l.7, or will return to an error.
  • Make sure your computer LAN IP settings should be in DHCP or same series IP EXP- use in your pc.
  • If still cant access the router login page you may press the reset button for 10 seconds to restore settings into default mode and setup again from fresh.


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