Admin Login Router Password Login Router Admin Password default IP address from C class private IP address. Default IP address reserved for router LAN IP address used to access router for the first-time setup. Default IP address a pre-configured IP address for a new router and modem so you can login router using the default IP address. Most of the people do not know the default LAN IP address for modem and routers so you can use this login guide to access your router.192.1688.l.90 rarely used default LAN IP address by fewer brands such as Airvast wa-1300 router and some others. Default login IP address also printed to router sticker and user manual comes with the new router so you can find login credential for your router. IP address comes from IP network series so if you have a router with default IP address to you can use this login guide. Apart from the 192.168.90 default IP address, there are also the most popular login IP address that uses by leading brands such as,,,, and many others. Login router using default IP address also required default username and password that usually printed to router sticker and box. Although if you didn’t find login credentials find them below and try combinations. Default Username and Password

WiFi Router and modem device protected with default login username and password for factory mode and default credential available on router sticker along with other router details. Although we have added default username and password combination that work with most of the brand’s router and modems give below.

Username PAssword
admin password
admin admin
admin 1234
admin na
root admin123

You can get login details for your wireless router and modem device printed to the router sticker bottom side or backside to depend on the router models. If you above login password not work you can search the router model to the official brand website to download router manuals.

Steps to Login Router Web Interface

Toward accessing router settings there is wired or wireless connection required with modem or router as depend on your router compatibility. If it’s a non-wi-fi cable modem or DSL modem then only use Wired connection and for Wireless modem or router either use wired or wireless to login settings. Follow the steps below to access the router using 192.168.1 90.

RouterLogin.net Login Netgear WiFi Router

  • Unbox your router and modem and connect the DC adapter to power On.
  • Connect router using wired or wireless (default SSID and key check router sticker).
  • Go to computer LAN TCPIP settings and check it’s configured with “obtain IP address automatically” options.
  • Open web browser and access to the URL bar and press enter key.
  • You will get a router login page with a username and password input box option that you need to provide router login credentials to access settings.
  • 192.168.l.90
  • Use default username and password as printed to router sticker or try the above login settings combinations.

Once you authenticate the router successfully and redirected to a status page or router dashboard now you can manage all router settings like wireless name and password, LAN IP settings, Port forwarding, Bandwidth management, enable content filtering, and firewall, and many other security features.

Fix Login IP Not working

Most of the time if all computer and network configurations not changed to the different networks you can able to access router settings. There are rare cases when the router IP address might already change or network miss-configuration leading you to an error page or IP address taking a too long time to respond can fix using a few troubleshooting steps.

  • Check WiFi connection with PC and confirm you are connected to the same router you want to log in.
  • If you are using LAN cable to connect the router make sure the LAN cable in working condition and standard straight cable.
  • Make sure default IP address not only changed with the different IP addresses such as or any other series.
  • Access proper router login IP address avoid using wrong IP address http//, 192.168.l.90, 192.168.190 or 192.168.90 that will all lead to an invalid IP address or error page.
  • Check if your browser, Antivirus, Firewall or any other network tools blocking router IP address to access from a browser.
  • If you not sure which IP address changed during the first-time setup you may find your router IP address first to access the router.

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