Admin Login Router Password Login Router Admin Password  C class IP address from network series and starting IP address and last host IP is used default LAN IP address in Linksys some router models. Default login IP address need login username and password for the first time that usually printed to router sticker. If you have router default IP to manage or set up your modem and wireless settings quite some as login router with IP address.

Most of the popular brands such as Fortigate, Cisco, Netgear, TPLINK, DLINK, and other use default IP address,, or so if not work in your router try those IP address. You can get login details for your router IP address 192.16.l.99 from the router sticker or a quick user guide included with the router the first time. However, you can search the router model number on the official website to get login details. Although find login username and password that work with most of router and modems brands.

The default username and password for

Turn your router and check the sticker for the login IP address, username, and password in those default settings for your router. If your router a custom-made and not sure model number then you try below username and password.

Username Password
admin admin
admin password
admin 1234
admin N/A
root admin123

Check your modem default login credential and follow the steps to access router settings from a web browser.

Steps to connect and Login Router from Browser

Now the next step is the connection with the router either wired or wireless to access router settings from the browser. Wired cable modem or Network switch can connect only using LAN cable but the wireless router can connect wireless as well as wired. Unbox your device and follow the below steps.’

RouterLogin.net Login Netgear WiFi Router

  • Connect router/modem or any network device using DC adapter or power supported by the unit.
  • Use SSID or WiFi password printed to sticker for wifi connection.
  • Use LAN cable from Router Ethernet to PC/Laptop Ethernet Port for LAN cable connections.
  • Go to computer LAN settings and make is in DHCP option or use Static IP
  • Open the web browser and access and wait for a few moments to load the router login page the first time.
  • You will get a router page asking for a username or password or only for the password, depending on the router brands and model number login page type.
  • Provide username and password as default login settings printed to your device to authenticate the first time or if you already update the default login password use the same.

192.168 199

After the login router web interface you will get all settings options, Network settings, Wireless settings, Firewall, content filtering, Port forwarding, Manage login username and password, and other security settings that make your internet more secure. First, important setting is to update the wireless SSID and password as well as the login password.

Change Wireless SSID and Password

Wireless default SSID network name and password always recommended keeping update so wireless internet can be protected.

Go to Wireless Settings

Wireless Network Name (SSID)- Create New SSID network name for your WIFI as per your choice.

SSID broadcast – Enable

Channel– Auto

Wireless Security– WPA2-PSK/WPA-PSK

Passphrase– create a stronger Alfa numeric wireless security key for your WiFI network.

Tips: Avoid using personal information such as Date of birth, phone number, or any other information for WiFi Password.

Save Settings and you will be getting a new wifi name in the Wifi option. Connect with new WiFi name using new WiFi key and login router again for further configurations.

Fix Login Problem with

192.168.l.99 not working or getting login page but unable to login due to wrong username and password a common problem comes with every brand router. There are reasons that lead to an error page while login router. Follow the steps to fix the login issue.

  • Make sure you are connected to the same router you looking to access.
  • If using a Wireless connection check if the password is incorrect.
  • Using Wired check LAN cable connected to LAN port instead of using WAN.
  • Using correct IP addresses such as all wrong format will lead to error such as 192.168.l.99, 192.168.99.,, 192.168.l.l99, and all other wrong IP addresses will redirect to the error page.’
  • If you forget the login username or password after changing the first time then you can factory reset the router from the reset button.
  • Power on router and press reset button for 10-15 seconds and release button once router restores to default mode.
  • Login router again using default settings as follow above steps.

Login IP Address