Admin login Router User Guide Login Default Username & Password Default login IP used by Buffalo WZR RS G54 for first-time login and setup. Although 192.168.12.l might use by many other router brands as the default gateway IP address for router login in default mode. Default login IP address pre-configured by router manufacturer to access the device web interface for the first time and customize configuration as per requirement.

Login router or modem with default Ip is as simple as login to any other IP address. In default settings router is also secure with a default login username and password that is usually printed on the router sticker and the user manual included with the device. Every modem and router is configured in default settings and it needs to be set up according to the internet provider configuration so first-time login is required. Also, the router configured the default WiFi name and password and it’s not safe to use the same wifi SSID and password so it’s always recommended to change all default settings before connecting to the router.

Although is not only the default IP used for default settings but dozens of popular login IP used by different brands such as,,,, used by D-Link, TP-link, Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, Xfinity, and many others.

You need to connect either wired or wireless to access the router web interface depending on your router or modem model number supported interface type. Usually, a Wireless router and modem can access using both ways wired or wireless to open a login from a mobile or laptop but for Non-WIFI Cable modem needs to connect a LAN cable from a Desktop or Laptop.

How to Access Router login page with

To access router using default IP 192.168. 12.1 from mobile or laptop need a wired or wireless connection.  Connection depends on your router or modem types. If you are trying to log in to a Wireless router then use wireless or wired but for non-wifi modems or routers use a LAN cable from the LAN port to pc.

How to Find Router login IP Address?

  • Connect router using power adapter comes with device and power on it.
  • Connect your mobile/laptop or Desktop using WIFI as the default WIFI SSID and password printed to the sticker.
  • Use Cat6 LAN cable for Cable modem or DSL/VDSL modem if not support WIFI. Connect LAN cable from modem LAN port to computer/laptop LAN port.
  • Make sure your computer/Laptop IP settings are in DHCP mode to get IP from the Router DHCP server.
  • Open the Web browser and access or to the URL bar.
  • The router login page will load with the username and password option.
  • Find the default username and password printed on your modem/router sticker.
  • If using Buffalo modem use the default username “root” and username leave blank and a press Login button.

You will log in to router settings where you can find WAN, Wireless settings, Management, Port forwarding, and other configurations.

Change Wireless SSID and Password

Changing default SSID and password is always recommended to keep wifi internet secured from others. Default WIFI password is easy to get from the official websites or different forums so always use different wifi passwords that do not belong to any default settings.

Go to Wireless Settings

Wireless Basic Settings

SSID Network name- Change the WIFI name here ( create a new wifi name as per your choice)

Channel width– 20/40

Channel– Auto

Wifi security- WPA/WPA2- PSK_AES

Passphrase- WIFI password here ( create a new Wireless password here that is hard to guess and easy to remember)

Save settings and connect all your wifi devices with a new WIFI name and password.

After Wireless settings do not forget to change the default login admin password to protect router access. Go to the under system or maintenance option to update your login password.

Troubleshooting router login problem

If you facing any error while trying to login IP address from a web browser while your computer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource is not responding can be due to any network misconfiguration or cable not properly connected or may configuration already changed. Follow the steps to fix the login problem.

IP Address Notworking from browser.

If your router IP address not responding or taking a too long time to respond then there are a few steps that can fix the issue.

  • Check if the router power is On and the cable is connected to the LAN port.
  • Router default configuration not already changed with something different network series or IP address.
  • PC LAN IP settings are not configured with any different IP series. Make it to DHCP mode or use Static IP from to 254.
  • Make sure you are using the IP address in the proper format ie. is correct and avoid the wrong IP such as 192.168.l2.l, 192.168.12.I, 192.168.I2.1,, http//, and any other that consider invalid IP will return to the error page.

no operation can be performed on local area connection while it has its media disconnected

no operation can be performed on an ethernet connection while it has its media disconnected error comes either your LAN cable not connected to the router side or computer site and its shows ethernet port disconnected or your Ethernet disabled on the computer. Check the wired connection on both sides and try to access the router’s IP address.


Final Word

Accessing any brand router that defaults IP address is but username and password might different can support above login steps. If your router not working with default settings that were probably configured already changed during the first time setup so you can factory reset the router or modem using the reset button that is usually available on every brand’s router and modems.

Default Login IP Address Guide