Router Login Manual with Default Username password Admin Login Username and Password

Default gateway IP address is a C-class IP address from the IP range to Login IP address from the web browser to access the router setting same as login to any router with the default login IP address

Any Wireless router, cable modem as well and managed network device with default login IP address is required to login from the browser for first-time setup and configurations. There are many brands that are using default login IP addresses for routers and modems such as Edimax, Gemtek, SMC, and many others.

To find the default login IP address for your router and cable modem available on the router along with the login credential. Check the modem bottom side sticker to find the default login IP address and username password for your router.

There are many popular IP addresses used by leading brands such as,,, as well as many others. To connect from a mobile laptop or computer you need a physical wired or wireless connection that depending on your device type. If you trying to log in to a Wifi router or wifi cable modem then you can use Wireless else you can use a Wired LAN cable from the Router LAN port to the desktop or Laptop LAN port. Before proceeding to login the router IP address get the default login credential for your cable modem or router that is printed on the sticker.

Login Username and password for IP Address

Turn your router or modem and find the login username and password printed on the sticker for your router along with the router model, brand name, and other software and hardware information. If you are not sure login username and password or your old router damaged sticker then try below login username and password combinations below.

Username password
admin admin
admin password
admin admin01
admin 1234
surecom surecom
admin epicrouter

Once the router default credential is ready you can proceed next steps to access the router from your tablet, mobile, computer or Laptop.

Login from a Web browser

To access router settings from a mobile or computer you need to connect router using a physical LAN connection or wifi connection. Wireless routers support LAN and wireless connections so you can use any but any device without wifi only connect with a LAN connection.

  • Connect your ADSL/VDSL modem or Cable modem as well as Router to power adapter and power on it.
  • Connect LAN cable from router LAN port to desktop/laptop.
  • Use WIFI SSID and Key to connect wireless connections.
  • Open the web browser and access or 192.l68.2.2 to the URL bar and access the login page.
  • Use the default login username and password as printed on the sticker for the first time login to your router.
  • After login inside the router control panel, you will get full access to router settings, internet and LAN settings as well as wireless settings and other security configurations.

duplicate administrator this device is managed by currently!!

Go to wireless settings to change the Default Wireless SSID name and password if first-time configuration or you want to change the wifi password to make it secure. You can also change the default admin login password and firmware upgrade once you log in to the router control panel.

If you facing any issues while trying to login to the router with the default IP address and are not sure what’s wrong in router settings or in connection then follow the troubleshooting below.

Fix IP address not Working

Are you facing an issue or getting the error “duplicate administrator this device is managed by currently!!” or any other issue while trying to login to the router with the default IP? Follow the below steps to fix the issue.

  • Check if you are connected to the same WIFI router SSID name you wish to login settings if you using a wireless connection.
  • Make sure the LAN cable is connected to the Router/modem LAN port.
  • Check if using a working LAN cable and not damaged.
  • The router’s default login IP address should not be changed with any different IP address or different series.
  • Use login IP address properly ie and avoid wrong IP address www, http//, or, any other
  • If you forget your login password and can not log in to settings then you can factory reset your router or modem to restore to default settings.
  • Use the reset button beside the Ethernet ports or beside the power button to reset the router to factory default.
  • Press the reset button for 10 seconds and the release button when the router suddenly turns off and turns on again.
  • Making a reset will erase all configurations and you can access the router with the default login credential as printed on the router sticker.

You can also use this login guide for router default IP address,,, as well as any other IP address from the IP address series to


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