Router Login Default Username Password Admin Login Username and password Default gateway IP address used by Jio JMR540 4G hotspot router as well as some other brands. 192.168.225.l Default login IP address preconfigured in default mode for router and modem to access router for the first-time setup. If you have a Wired or wireless cable modem or 4G hotspot router without LAN port option and looking to login guide from mobile or PC using Then follow this user guide. You can use the wired or wireless connection to log in router or hotspot router. You need a default login username and password to login into the router. Find default login IP address along with username and password printed to router sticker as well as quick manual included with the device.

The default username and password for

The default username and password you can check to router box or sticker or manual come with the device. However, find the login username and password below to access the router using 192.168.225 .1

Default Login IP Address –

Username Password
admin admin
administrator administrator
admin password

Get login credentials for the router and follow the steps to access the web interface to update.

Login from a Web browser

If you are trying to login to your JioFi 4G Hotspot router then you can find the default SSID and password to connect using WiFi or if using any other router with default login IP can use wired or wireless both way to connect.

  • Power ON Hotspot Router/ Wi-Fi Router or modem.
  • Use Default SSID and key to connect using Wireless or use LAN cable from router LAN port to PC LAN port for physical connections.
  • Make sure your PC LAN settings are on DHCP mode.
  • Open the web browser and access for Jio 4G router you can use “local.html” to wait to load the login page.
  • Use default login username and password for your router as given to login credential settings details.
  • Login Page Username Password
  • Once you log into the router control panel, you can access all settings and just go to wireless settings to update WiFi SSID name and password to change the default name and password. Login Router Admin Default Password

Login Problem Troubleshooting

If you getting errors or trouble while trying to access the router from the web browser, just follow the steps to fix the login issue. Not Working

Unable to access IP address or router not accessible from login IP address is a common problem while access router from a PC or mobile. IP address taking a too time to respond or network may change error seems IP address already changed or computer/Laptop not in the same network you trying to login IP address. Follow the steps below.

  • Check if you are connected to the same SSID Network name which you want to access.
  • If using LAN connection make sure LAN cable in working condition and plugged into router LAN port.
  • Computer/Laptop should be in same series IP address or use DHCP option to auto IP configurations from the router.
  • While accessing IP address make sure using proper i.e. 192168.225.1 or will work but using the wrong IP such as 192.168.225.l, http//192.168.225. or 192.168.225,1  or 192.168.225 .1 will all lead to an error page. Default Admin Login Router

Username and Password Not working

If you are able to access the router page but can’t log in due to an Invalid username or password error just follow the steps to incorrect username and password error.

  • Use correct username and password as printed to router sticker. Default username and password probably work for most of the brand router is admin/admin or administrator /administrator for jiofi router.
  • Make sure the default login password is already not changed with the new login password. Use the same updated login username and password.
  • If still not sure login username and password or forget after change just factory reset router using reset button to restore into default mode.

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