Login Router Default Password  Login Router Default Username Password? C class-default IP address used by leading brands such as Ruckus Wireless, Motorola, Comtrend, Netcomm, and many other leading brands. Default gateway IP address used by different router and modem brands to get access router settings for first-time configurations. is not only the default IP address used to log in router but there are also many default login IP addresses such as,,,, and many others.

Even though default login IP address and username password always printed to router sticker to setup first time and you can get login credential for your router. Login router with quite simple to access router with any other default IP address comes from the C class. Only the network IP address will change but login steps remain the same.

Default Username and password for

Default login credentials detail printed to router sticker and also available on quick user guide that included with router box. Find the default username and password give below that works with most brands’ routers.

Username password
admin admin
super sp-admin
admin password
admin 1234
admin na
root root

Now follow the next steps to connect the router with a computer or laptop to access settings to the web browser.

Steps to Login Router web interface

You need to connect the modem or router to your mobile or computer either using a wired or wireless connection to access settings. If your router support WLAN and LAN both then you can use any medium to connect your mobile or laptop else use a LAN cable for wired connections.

  • Power ON router with adapter comes with the device.
  • Connect internet cable coming from an Internet service provider or Modem to router WAN port.
  • Connect your mobile /laptop using Default SSID and password printed to the router if want to connect without wire.
  • Use LAN cable to connect from router LAN port to computer LAN port for physical connections with the modem.
  • Computer/Laptop LAN IP should be in DHCP mode. Login Router Default Username Password

Access 192.168.30.l to Web brows

Open internet browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, and any other and access to the URL bar and press enter key.

You will get a router login page with a username and password authentication method.

Provide default username and password as default settings to your routers. For Ruckus router username “super” and password “sp-admin”. Default Router IP Login

Press the login button to access the router settings dashboard. After login, you can configure WAN internet settings as supported internet type from PPPoE, Static or dynamic internet type. You required to login router to set up port forwarding, enable mac filtering, block users, manage bandwidth and update admin and wifi password so you can bookmark this article to make a handsfree router login guide.

Change Wireless SSID and Password

You probably want to update your wireless name and password or might want to make more secure WiFi internet so here are the steps you can change wireless SSID and password for your router.

Go to the Wireless tab

Wireless- Basic Wireless settings

Wireless Network Name (SSID)- Change wireless name here

Wireless broadcast- Enabled

Channel– Auto

Channel Width- 20/40

Wireless Security Key

Security Type- WPA/WPA2 –PSK_AES

Key- Create a stronger WIFI key here

Note- Use a mix key combination to create a stronger wireless password. Never use your phone number, name, date of birth and other personal information that anyone can guess.

Change Administrative Login Settings

Changing administrative login settings also important during the first-time configuration of your router and modem device. This step is for the Ruckus media flex 7211 smart wifi router so if you have a Ruckus device you can follow it as it is.

Go to Configurations-Device

Home Login

Username- admin

Password– create a new password for home login

Confirm password – confirm a new password for home login.

Service provider Login

Username- super

Password– create a new password for Service provider login

Confirm password – confirm a new password for home login. - Router passwords


This is the ruckus password change steps but you can also follow these steps to change your router admin password. Just find the password option under the system, the maintenance, or administration option depends on the router brands.


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