Login Router Default Admin Password Login Router Admin Password default login IP address used by some leading brands such as Motorola, Motorola WA840G v2, NetComm NP127, and many others. 192.168.40.l C class private IP address used for local network and also used as the default gateway IP address by some brands. Any router or modem using default login is also secured with a login password that is usually printed to router sticker with login details. If you have any brand Wireless router, DSL or Cable modem, or network device that default login IP address and looking to a simple guide to access router settings then just read this article to log into router settings. You need to get the default username and password for your router default mode login. Find router sticker to get login credentials for first-time login and setup.

The router or modem also required a physical wired or wireless connection with the router to access settings from a web browser using default settings. Check your router or modem sticker to get login IP address, username, and password before continuing the login router. There are some routers using common default login IP address,,, and and many common popular login IP addresses.

Default Username and password for

Router and modem protected with login username and password and default login settings available on router label and quick user guide to start the first-time login.

Username Password
admin admin
admin motorola
admin Password
Admin 1234


Get login settings detail and follow steps to login router from the web browser.

Steps to Access Router First Time using Login IP

Use LAN cable or WiFi SSID to connect the router to login from the web interface. If you have a non WiFI modem just use a LAN cable to connect wired connections.

  • Use LAN cable to connect router LAN port to Desktop/Laptop LAN port for wired connection.
  • Use Default WIFI name and Key printed to router sticker for wireless connections.
  • Go to Windows LAN settings and Make DHCP option or Use static IP
  • Open the web browser and access to the URL bar to access the router settings page.
  • Use default username and password to login router settings. Get login username password printed to router sticker.
  • 192.168.40

Once you logged into router settings you can get a full router control panel where you can change the Internet, Wireless, and other security settings.

To set up a router for internet connection, you are required to configure WAN internet settings as per internet type such as PPPoE, Static or DHCP type. After WAN configuration your internet will activate and change the Wireless name and password to secure internet connections. IP Address Not Working

Probably if you are not networking technical you may face an IP address not working or an invalid username and password issue and the login process are stuck. You can fix login issues using simple troubleshooting steps.

  • If you are using a WiFi connection make sure the laptop/mobile/PC is connected same WiFi network you wish to log in to.
  • Using LAN cable to connect router check if cable connected to router LAN port only.
  • Go to computer LAN settings and check it’s not configured with a different series IP address or use DHCP mode to get IP from router only.
  • Use proper IP address to URL bar avoid using the wrong IP such as 192.168.40.l, http// 192.168.401,192.168.40 will all lead to error page only.
  • If router login page accessing but unable to login router due to wrong username or password error then make router to factory reset.
  • Try the login password you updated recently or if still not able to login use the router reset button to restore into default mode.
  • Power ON router and press reset button for 10-15 seconds and release.
  • The router will take a few minutes to restore into default mode.
  • Follow the above steps to log in again and set up from starting.



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