Router Login Admin Username and Password

192.168 43.1  Default Admin Username and Password

Default Login IP address used for default router IP address to access in factory mode for first-time configurations. Every router and modem need to be set up first as per internet configuration and we need to access the router or modem web interface to configure internet settings so there is a default LAN IP address configured in default mode. 192.168.43.l IP address used by many routers and DSL modems, cable modem brands as the default gateway IP address. If you have owned any brand’s router, cable modem, ADSL/VDSL modem or any other managed network device with a default login IP address of and looking to access router settings then this login guide going to help you step by step. there are some common and popular default IP addresses are,,,, and many more that you can try if not working with your router.

Login IP also required default username and password for login router in factory settings mode that probably printed to router sticker and quick user guide included with the box. If you are required to access an old wireless router or modem using 192.168.43. 1 address and not sure default username password then you can follow this guide to access your router settings.

The default username and Password for

Default IP address along with username and password printed to router sticker. if you using Pokefi router then you can log in pokefi using the login URL  (http://a.pokefi )as well as the IP address.

Default Login IP address –    for Pokefi login URL-  http://a.pokefi

Username Password
admin admin
admin password
admin 1234
root admin123

Find router login settings detail printed to the router, modem label or quick user manual included with the device. If you didn’t find login detail just try the search model on the official website or support site or you can try the above username and password combinations.

Login Router web interface

Steps to access the router using the default login IP address 192.168 43.1 with the default username and password come in factory mode. You are required to connect using a wired or wireless connection from a WiFI router or WLAN modem or for a Cable modem just an Ethernet connection if no wifi supported.

  • Unbox your pokefi hotspot router if trying to set up the first time and power on it.
  • Power on your Wireless router or modem with a DC adapter.
  • Connect PC/Laptop using WiFI network SSID name printed to sticker with default wifi key.
  • Use LAN cable to connect from Ethernet port to computer or laptop using physical connections.
  • Make sure computer/laptop LAN settings are in DHCP mode to get IP from the router itself.
  • Open web browser and access or for Pokefi use URL http://a.pokefi and wait to load the login page.
  • Provide login username and password to authenticate to access router settings control panel
  • Go to wireless settings to change the SSID network name and WiFI password.
  • For Pokefi hotspot WIFI SSID change go to Hotspot option from the top menu.

Customize Hotspot

SSID– PWF2024627 (change this default SSID with a new WIFI network name as per your choice)

Password– Create a new WIFI password for your wifi network.

http //a.pokefi login

Submit the button to apply settings and you will be disconnected from WIFI. Connect again with a new wifi name and password.

Go to Wireless- Basic settings for Wireless router or WiFI modem.

SSID- Change WIFI name here

Channel- Auto

Security key– WPA/WPA2-PSK_AES

Passpharese= change WIFI security here

Save and apply settings and connect again with the updated WIFI name and password. IF you are facing any trouble while accessing 1921.68.43.l IP address or IP address not working or taking a too long time to respond need to fix some troubleshooting steps that make blocking the IP address.

IP Address Not Working

If your router web interface not accessing using the default IP address and redirecting to the error page or IP address not responding due to any connection, configuration or another issue then follow the steps to fix the login error.

  • Make sure wireless router power is ON and you are connected to the same WIFI network SSID name.
  • If using a Wired connection check if the LAN cable is connected to the router LAN port instead of the WAN port.
  • Default IP address Not changed with any other IP address or a different series.
  • Computer/Laptop Lan should be in DHCP mode or use static IP from network series. EXP use
  • While trying to access make sure IP address using proper and avoid any spelling mistakes. http://1921.68.43.1 or will work but IP address http//192.16843.1 192.168.43.l, 192.168..43.1 ,, 192.168.43. 1 will redirect to the error page only.

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Invalid username or password Error

If you are able to access the router login page but can’t log in due to an invalid username and password error then you can follow the below steps.

  • Make sure you are using the default username and password printed to sticker.
  • Check if the password in the small letters or any typing mistakes.
  • Default login password already changed during first-time login.
  • If nothing worked just try factory reset router using the reset button.

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Factory Reset Router using the Reset button

To make router factory reset using reset button a few steps process that restores all configuration into factory mode settings.

  • Power ON router using DC adapter or if it’s a hotspot router make sure battery charged
  • Find a small reset hole or button nearby the Lan port or power switch.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and release.
  • The router will auto-restart after executing the reset command and take a few seconds to restore into default settings.
  • Use the default IP address to access the router again with the default username and password.

After factory reset router, access web interface using default IP address and login password and username as printed to router sticker and follow above steps to setup it again from starting.


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