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Login Wireless Router, Cable modem, or Fiber ONT with IP address is the same process if the default login Ip address is 192.168.49.l. Any router, DSL/VDSL modem as well as fiber ONT, and OLT device with default IP “” can be accessed using the default username and password.

If you have any managed network device wireless router or any other device need to log in the first time to configure it as per your internet settings. There are many default login IP addresses used as default gateway IP addresses by many leading brands such as Linksys, Cisco, Netgear, TP-Link, Arris, Motorola, and many others using default login IP address,,, as well as many others.

Find the default login username and password for your device printed on Stick along with the default login IP address. The most commonly used login username and password is “admin” used for many different router login IPs.  Logn IP address can be used for fire TV IP as well as any cast device or wifi router and cable modems. This article will give you a simple brief user manual to log in to IP for any brand router, network switch, or modem.

Default login Username and Password for

The default login username and password can be different for each brand. Find your device login username and password printed on the sticker or router quick user manual to setup the first time. Although there are many commonly used login usernames and passwords for wireless routers, ADSL modems, Cox cable modems, as well as other network-managed devices.

Username Password
admin admin
admin password
admin 1234
admin na
root admin01
root admin123


Get login credentials for your router and modem to access the web interface from a web browser using a mobile or laptop.

Access Router settings from from Mobile/ Laptop

You need to connect either a wired or wired connection to access Fire TV or any wireless router or cable modem device. If your modem supports WiFi and wired then use any way to connect from a mobile or laptop.

  • Connect the DC power adapter to the router or modem to Turn it ON.
  • Use LAN cable from Router LAN port to Desktop/Laptop LAN port for wired connections.
  • Use default SSID and password to connect using Wi-Fi connections.
  • Open the web browser and access to the web URL bar.
  • Use the default login username and password as the default credentials for your router.
  • Once you successfully log in to the router control panel you get all the configuration and settings.
  • If you looking to change the Wireless Name and password for your router follow the next steps. chrome

Tplinklogin Admin Login User Guide

Change Default Wireless Network Name (SSID) and Password

Changing default wifi SSID and security key steps same for all brands only wireless settings location might be changed as per the web interface design of the device.

Go to the “Wireless” tab from the settings menu.

Wireless – Basic Settings

Under basic settings, you will get SSID, Wi-Fi password, wireless channel, and transmit power-related settings.

Wireless Network Name (SSID)- Change the WIFI name for your WiFi network here.

Wireless Channel– Auto

Channel Bandwidth- Auto or20/40/80

Wireless Password – WPA/WPA2_PSK_AES

WIFI passphrase- create a Wi-Fi password here.

Note- if your router or modem supports dual-band or WiFi 6 router then change Wireless settings for both wifi band 2.4Gand 5.8Ghz wireless network.

Save settings and connect your wifi device with an updated WIFI name and password.

Network Troubleshooting’s

If you facing any issues while trying to access router settings not working. from mobile or computer then it might be network issues, connections, or other.

unable to connect

If you are unable to connect or took too long to respond while trying to access from PC or mobile using a wired or wireless connection.

 Solutions- Make sure your router’s default IP address is the same as and printed to the sticker as well. Also, default login IP address should not change with a different IP series that you find out using a third-party IP scanner tool.

Use the Lan port to connect from the PC/Laptop to the login router settings instead of the Wan port.

Make sure any firewall not blocking IP addresses to prevent access from Chrome browser and any other browser.

why does show up in my network range?

If you see the IP address showing in your network range it means there is any router or network device such as fire TV, anycast, or any other network device using IP address in your network.

What is the default username and password for

Default login username and password printed to router sticker. Find the login username and password for your device bottom side of the sticker. Also, you can try “admin” as the default username and password used by most router brands.

How to Reset password for IP

If you forget the login password and want to reset the admin password then there is only way is to hard reset the device. You can also use the reset method if your router is already configured or facing any issues due to bugs and want to refresh your router.

Press and hold the Reset button for 10 Seconds and wait until the router is resetting to default settings.

After resetting is complete default username and password will be restored and you can access using the default settings.

what manufacturer uses default IP

There are many manufacturers that use default IP such as Fire TV, anycast, MTS Connect, and some other 4G router brands.


This is a simple quick login guide to access the wireless router and cable modem using the default IP address with the default username and password as preconfigured in factory mode.


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