You are currently viewing Login Router Default Username Password Login Router Default Username Password Login Router Default Password C class Private IP address used by many brands such as Inteno DG201-R1B, Iskon A1521-I, No Geek Needed NGNHWI-N3, DQ Technology VisionNet W203ER-4, 4G LTE Modem, and many others. If you own a router or modem from any of the brands given here or probably your router different brand but login IP address and are looking to access router settings. This user manual provides you simple steps to login to router settings using 192.168.5.l IP address using wired or wireless connection with the device.

Access method of any brand router using 192.168..5.1 is same but the login username and password might different for each brand and model. If you have any modem or wireless router with default login IP you should follow this user guide to login into router settings. If you are not sure about to default login IP address for your router you may try login in,,, and many common default gateway IP addresses used by most brands routers. Along with the login IP address, you also required a default username and password to access router settings for first-time setup. Although default login credential printed to router and modem sticker with model number and other hardware and software information.

Default Login username and password for

First check login username and password printed to a modem or wireless router sticker or quick user manual included with the device during the first-time setup. If you are trying to log in old wifi router you may try below username and password combinations.

Login IP Address-

Username Password
admin admin
admin sti.admin5
Administrator Administrator
admin 1234


Get login details for your device label or user manual come with the device and follow the steps to log in.

Steps to Login Router Web interface

Access router settings from web browser required to connect with the device either wireless or wired. If your device support only LAN port without WIFI then you can use only a physical LAN connection if your router supports WLAN and Ethernet both you can use any option to connect the router.

  • Power ON router/cable modem using DC adapter comes with the device.
  • Check Default SSID name and password printed to router sticker for wifi connection from Laptop or mobile.
  • Use LAN cable to connect the router using LAN port to computer LAN port for wired connections.
  • Go to computer/laptop LAN settings and make the “obtain an IP address automatically” option to get IP from router DHCP.


After connectivity with WiFi router now accesses login IP address to the web browser.

Login router settings to a web browser

Open web browser and access and press enter key.

You will get a login page with a username and password option to authenticate to access the router control panel.

Provide username and password as printed to your router default mode or try the above combinations.

After login to router settings, you can configure WAN settings, Wireless settings, update default login passwords, and other security settings such as MAC access list, parental control, port forwarding, and many more.

Change Wireless SSID and Password

During first-time setup updating wireless name and password very important and highly recommended to secure your wifi internet from unauthorized access.

For Iscon A1521 or Inteno wireless find the Wireless icon top menu to change wireless settings.

Wireless- Basic

Wireless Basic Settings

SSID (Network name)- Create a WIFI name here as per your choice you want to use for your wifi.

Channel- Auto

Broadcast SSID– Enabled.

Change WiFi Password

Go to Wireless – Security

Select SSID- Choose your WIFI name you create for your WiFi

Network Authentication: Mixed WPA2/WPA-PSK

WPA Pre-Shared Key: Set a new wifi password in this box. Use a stronger WiFI password with mix combination of word number and special character. - Router's Admin Login

Apply/Save button to confirm settings and you will be disconnect from WiFi if using a wireless connection to access router settings. Connect again with the new SSID and password you set up.

If you are unable to login router due to the wrong username or password error or you may not gettings the router login page ith IP address seems to changed login settings. You can factory restore the router to default mode and setup again from starting.

Factory Reset Router using the Reset button

  • Locate the reset button beside LAN ports.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds and release.
  • The router will automatically reboot and take a few seconds to finish router restoring to default mode.
  • After factory reset router follows the above steps again to set up the router.

Once the router restores to default settings will start ping and you can access the router from a web browser. After reset all configurations will erase so you have to configure the router again t as per your internet settings.

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