Login Router Admin Default Password Login Router Default Password

Wireless router and modems are required to be set up during the first time and post configuration to manage wireless and other settings to keep the network secure and problem-free. IP address from network ID and broadcast IP from C class private IP address. Default IP address used by Ezviz Multi-Band Wireless Gigabit router to login router in default mode. If 192.168.7.l is also the default login IP Address for your Wireless Router or DSL cable modem or any other device then this manual also works to access your router. Probably router secured with username and password in default mode so long with login IP you also need login credential. In the latest router is required to create a log-in password during the first time login.

Although the default username and password for the IP address must be available on the router sticker and you can also get login detail by searching the router model to the official website.  Dozens of router brands using common IP addresses such as,,, and many more that are easy to guess by anyone. To login router using 192.168.7.l IP address you required to connect router either a wireless connection or wired, it depends on the router supported interface. Login Username and Password

Get login settings detail printed to router label and also user manual included with the box during the first time. If you trying to log in to the old router using and are not sure login username password then not worry just try the below combinations.

Username Password
admin NA
admin admin
admin password
NA create the first-time login
admin 1234

Get login settings for your router and follow further steps to access router settings from the browser.

Login Router settings to Browser

You need to connect the router either using a LAN cable from an Ethernet port or using Wireless to connect the router. Most routers are unsecured in default mode for wireless SSID if you have already set up the router and update the wireless Name and password, use the same key to connect.

  • Use LAN cable to connect Ethernet port to use a wired connection.
  • Use WiFi name and password to connect the router using a wireless connection.
  • Go to computer LAN settings and make sure it’s a DHCP option to get an IP address from the router. Or use Static IP
  • Open a web browser and access or and wait to load router settings.
  • You will router login page with username and password option. “admin” is the default username and password work with most of the router.
  • Login to Admin Panel with Default Router Password
  • Once you successfully log in to the router web interface you will get a wireless router, internet settings, Firewall, Port forwarding, and other settings.

Settings up router first time need to configure Internet setting s per internet type such as PPPoE, Static or DHCP type. Also, change Wireless SSID network name and Password to protect Wifi internet.

IP Address Not Working

These steps are not required for you if you already logged into router settings and everything working for you. But most of the people face IP addresses not respond or taking to time to respond might be network connection issue or network changed issue. You can fix the login IP address not working with just simple steps.

  • If your modem or router is connected to a Wired LAN cable from your computer or Laptop make sure you are using a Router LAN port instead of a WAN port.
  • Using WiFi connection check Laptop should be connected to the same router SSID Network name.
  • Make sure your computer/Laptop IP settings are in DHCP mode or using the same series IP address 192.168.7.l7.
  • Use proper IP address to avoid using wrong IP addresses, http//, 192.1681.7,192.168.7.l, www. all IP addresses will lead to an error page.
  • If you getting a router login page but are unable to login because the default username and password not working or an invalid password error to fix the only way is hard reset the router.
  • Power ON router and press reset button for at least 10 seconds to restore into default mode.
  • The router will automatically reboot and ping with a default IP address.
  • Follow the above steps again to log in router with the default credential.

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