AC750 Vs Ac1200 Which one is Better?

AC750 Vs Ac1200  Which one is Best?

You probably see AC750 and Ac1200 while thinking of buying a new router or range extender. You must be confused about Which one is better AC750 vs AC1200.  To find the best speed router first you have to understand the difference between ac1200 vs ac750 come in different brands of routers. If you want to upgrade your router with a dual-band router to increase the wireless speed with your internet plan and are not sure you should buy AC750 or AC1200 as per your internet speed then read this article to understand the difference between AC750 vs Ac1200.

TP Link AC750 vs AC1200 - Which is better?

AC750 and AC1200 also come with a Range extender which defines the supported speed of both 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz wireless bands. You must notice wireless router comes with an AC750 model and AC1200 Model that probably more costly than a single band Wireless router and an AC750 router is always cheaper than an AC1200 router. In this article, you will understand the AC750 and AC1200 differences that apply to all brands of routers such as tp-link ac750 vs tp-link ac1200, NetGear ac750 vs ac1200 router, Tenda ac750 vs Tenda ac1200.

First, understand the meaning of AC750 and Ac1200 for a router and which one you should buy for high-speed WIFI and internet speed.

What is the difference between AC 750 Vs AC1200?

To understand the Difference between dual-band router AC750 vs Ac1200 first need to understand what is meaning of 750 and 1200 in the router model. TP-Link AC750 or TP-Link AC1200 Dual-band router or may looking for d-link ac750 vs Dlink ac1200 dual-band router difference to pick best AC router for your home internet.

What Does Mean AC750 in Wireless Router?

TP-Link Archer AC750  defined supported wireless speed of router such as AC750 means 750Mbps supported by both wifi band 2.4Ghz and 5.GHz band. Wireless router brands design routers with 750Mbps, 1200Mbps, 1350 Mbps 1900Mbps and many that all depend on dual-band router combined wifi speed.

If your TP-link Archer C20 AC750 dual-band router, it means your router supports 300Mpbs speed in 2.4Ghz and 433 (450) Mbps in the 5Ghz band. So whenever you looking to buy an AC750 Mbps Dual-band router also confirm the LAN interface supports Gigabit, not 10/100Mbps because LAN with 100Mbps will not give you an internet speed of more than 100Mbps due to LAN speed limitations.

Archer AC750 means in simple words supports 750Mbps WIFI speed with a 2.4G+5.8Gz band.

What does Mean AC1200 in Dual Band Router?

Archer Ac1200 or AC1200  means Router supports 1200Mbps speed with 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz wireless band. You probably see different router brands provide routers with different speeds such as AC1200, AC1350, and more. The router model number can be different as defined by the manufacturer but the meaning of Ac1200 will be the same for any brand’s router.

AC1200 Mbps means the router supports a Wireless speed 300Mbps with 2.4Ghz WiFI and 900Mbps with 5.8Ghz wireless speed which is a combined speed. Whenever you planning to buy a dual-band router for your home or office must check if the router is Ac750 or Ac1200 Mbps.

After now AC1200 vs Ac750 now it must be clear to understand the difference between 750 and 1200 Mbps. Now the question is AC750 vs AC1200 which one is best? Read below for comparison differences between AC750Mbps and Ac1200.

Which one is Better AC750 and AC1200?

If you understand AC750 and AC1200 model numbers in WiFi routers then it’s a bit simple to understand which one is better and why. A higher speed is always better than a lower speed. Router with 1200 Mbps wifi speed better than 750mbps wifi speed that provides you better live streaming, local wifi network, and fast internet surfing experience.

AC 750 router gives you a total Wireless speed of 750Mbps with both bant whereas Ac1200 provides a total increased speed of 1200Mbps compared to 750. Buying a higher speed router depends on your internet speed so if you have an internet speed of only 100Mbps then you can go with AC750 instead of buying AC1200.

List of Best AC750 and AC1200 Wi-Fi Routers with Price


AC750 WiFi Router AC1200 WiFi Router Price
TP-LINK Archer C2 AC750 TENDA AC5 White V3 AC1200 300 Mbps Wireless Router Check Price
TP-link Archer C20 Ac750 TENDA AC10 AC1200 Gigabit 1200 Mbps Wireless Router Check Price
D-Link DIR-806- AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router Mercusys AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router AC12G Check Price
ASUS RT-AC750L Dual Band 750Mbps TP-Link Archer A5 AC1200 WiFi Dual Band, Check Price
Netgear R6020 Dual Band Ac750 TP-Link AC1200 Archer A6 Smart WiFi Check Price
TP-link Archer C24 AC750 D-Link DIR 841 AC1200 MU-MIMO Check Price
Linksys X6200 Dual Band AC750 Linksys E5400 WiFi 5 Router Dual-Band AC1200 Check Price


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