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Belong Modem login –

Belong modem is an Australian NBN broadband and internet plan provider company. You probably using the Dodo internet service or you are using Belong DSL modem so you looking for a Belong router login guide to access settings. This Belong login manual will help you to log in to the router if you have Belong DWA0122 modem, Belong 4353 modem, or Sagemcom F@st 4315 installed with your internet router.

Login Belong modem is a simple process using the default login IP address 10.O.O.138 is probably printed on the modem sticker as well as a quick user guide included with the box. Login steps for Belong dual band modem as well as single band DSL modem both are the same so if you have any WiFi Modem from Belong brands just follow this login manually.

To setting Belong modem settings you required either a wired or wireless connection with the modem. If your Belong modem support WLAN can use Wireless or wired both but for Non-WiFI belong modem use a LAN cable to access from a computer or laptop. To log in Belong modem also need a username and password to login settings and usually, the login credential is printed on the modem sticker.

Belong Modem Default Login Username and Password

Get the default login username and password for belong modem printed to the modem sticker. Check your Belong modem or Router to get the login username and password for the first time.

Belong default IP address10.0.0.138    or http://mygateway

Default username– admin

Belong Default password – belong

Get login details for Belong modem and now proceed next steps to access router settings from the browser.

belong gateway login

How to Access Belong Setting to the browser?

You need to connect Belong ADSL modem or Dual band WiFi router using a LAN cable from the LAN port or use the WIFI SSID name and key to connect wirelessly. The Default WiFi name and password can get from the modem sticker if WiFi is secured in default mode.

  • Unbox Belong VDSL or DSL modem if set up the first time.
  • Connect the DC adapter and power ON the Modem.
  • Connect the DSL telephone line to the Rj11 DSL port on Modem.
  • Use LAN cable from Lan port to computer/Laptop for wired connection.
  • Connect Belong Default SSID from a Laptop or mobile to connect using WIFI.
  • Open the web browser and access  or http://mygateway and wait until the login page loading.
  • Use the default username and password printed to belong modem to access settings. Default username “admin” and default password “belong” for first-time login.
  • After successful login you will get all modem settings such as Internet WAN, Lan, Wireless, and other settings.

To configure WAN DSL settings get wan PPPoE settings from your internet provider and configure on Belong DSL settings.

To change Belong WIFI name and password follow the next steps.

Change WiFi SSID and Password

The Belong default WIFI name and password are configured and also anyone can be connected to your WIFI in default settings. It is recommended to change the WiFI name and password during the first-time configuration to secure your internet connections. Follow the steps to change WiFI key and SSID for Belong modem.

Go to the WIFI option from the home menu.

Under the WIFI radio option select the Wireless band from 2.4GHz & 5Ghz that you wish to change WIFi Name. you can choose both bands one by one to configure both. For the single band, you will get only 2.4 GHz network.

Wireless SSID (Network Name)– Belong WIFI (Change WIFI name as per your choice that you want to use for home WIFI)

Wireless Channel– Auto

Channel bandwidth– Auto

Wireless Security – WPA/WPA2_PSK_AES

Wireless Password– default Belong wifi password (change default WIFI password with new WIFI password for your network)

Save settings to confirm wireless settings. You will get disconnected from WIFI if using a wireless connection and you need to connect again with a new WIIF name and password as configured.

If you facing any login issues with Belong modem or IP address not working or Belong modem configuration but the internet not working then you can make the modem a full factory reset to set it up from starting. Follow the steps to factory reset belong modem using the reset button.

Steps to Factory Reset Belong Modem

If you can’t login Belong modem or belong login password forget or the Login page not working due to network configuration changes in this all possible issue you can reset belong router or modem to restore into default settings.

  • Power ON Belong modem with DC adapter as a supported modem.
  • Locate the small reset button beside Ethernet or power port.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and release.
  • The modem will automatically restart after executing the reset command and takes a few moments to reboot.
  • After restarting the modem you can access using the default IP address 10.0.O.138 with the default username and password “admin” and “belong” to setup the first time.

These are simple steps to log in belong the router and DSL modem to change wireless settings and password to make your WIFI internet secure from others. You can download Belong login manual in pdf to keep a login guide with you when you lose an internet connection and are unable to access online help


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