Eero Blinking White | How To Fix?

How to Solve if Eero Blinking White?

Eero is a mesh whole home Wi-Fi system to cover your all home and office areas without connecting multiple routers with wired. Eero gives you seamless connectivity. Eero devises a smart WIFI system to turn any area into a Wi-Fi zone by distributing and managing each device centralized from the Eero app. Eero blinking White or Eero blinking red light seems there is an issue with either the device connection or the internet.

If your Eero blinking white and you facing an internet problem in your home all Eero units are installed at different locations. Eero device is a mesh mesh-based WiFi device that connects wirelessly to the master Eero device and distributes internet without connecting a physical cable to each unit.

Before fixing Eero blinking white you must understand about light color and identification showing for each LED color flashing or solid.

Eero Light Status and identifications

why is eero blinking white


It is important to understand Eero LED light’s different colors to understand if Eero light is stuck to any specific color or blinking continuously will help you to troubleshoot an exact problem.

Blinking White: Eero software is booting up and try connecting to the Internet
Blinking Blue: Bluetooth Enable and Broadcasting Bluetooth
Solid Blue: The Eero app is connected to the Eero device and is setting up the network
Blinking Green: Multiple Eeros detected during setup
Blinking Yellow: Soft reset OR unapproved power source used
Solid White: Eero is connected to the Internet
Solid Red: Eero is not connected to the Internet Blinking Red: Hard resetting

All the different light colors show different statuses of the Eero device whether properly working or if there is any issue with anything and you can fix it.

Why Eero Blinking White Light?

A white light blinking in the Eero device shows that the Eero device just started and started software and then tried connecting to the internet. If you are still not sure why is my Eero blinking white and it’s not turning to solid white that shows your Eero is connected to the internet means there is something wrong with connection or internet connectivity that preventing Eero from connecting with the internet.

Eero light flashing white and the internet not working or if using multiple Eero devices also blinking white with the same issue means there is something wrong that needs to be troubleshot. Follow the steps to solve Erro’s blinking white light and the internet not working.

Check Internet Cable

White light blinking on Eero for a few seconds or minutes is a normal process when Eero first turns on and starts software and connects to the internet. If the White light flashing continues Eero device for longer than usual time then either the internet cable is unplugged or there is some issue with the connection or internet. Check your internet cable that coming from your broadband router or fiber router or directly from the ISP side. Also, check if the cable is not damaged or if loses connection to the Eero Ethernet port that does not give internet connections.

Restart Eero Device

If the internet problem persists the first time while using the Eero device then you should reboot the Eero device to power cycle or unplug the power socket directly from Eero device.

Power Off the Eero device and wait for a few minutes and then power on it again and check if the white light flashing is fixed.

Restart the Main internet router

If rebooting the Eero device does not fix the white light flashing seems there is an issue with the main internet. Check if the internet working in your main host router cable modem or fiber broadband. Check if the internet cable is properly connected with your main host router and you can switch the ethernet port if multiple LAN ports are available in the internet router.

Remove and Add Again in Eero Apps

Eero flashing white light can be due to Apps not being connected to the Eero unit so you can remove the Eero device from the app and add it again. If it gets connected properly then the white light should fixed and turn solid white that show internet is connected.

Firmware Upgrade

Bugy software and outdated firmware might also have problems preventing devices from getting stable internet connectivity. Upgrade your Eero device using an App or manual offline process and check if the white blinking light is fixed and it turns solid white.

Soft Reset Eero Unit

Running the Eero device longer time need to refresh it and clear all cache. Soft reset process reset Eero device softly that process by reset button available besides. The timing of the Eero soft reset process might be different for different models. A soft reset will clear all configurations but keep logs, sessions, or advanced settings such as IP reservations and port forwarding configurations.

  • Unplug the Erro DC power socket from the device.
  • Press the Reset button and hold it for 7 seconds.
  • Plug DC socket and power on it.
  • Release the reset button after 7 seconds until the LED flashes Yellow and wait until the soft reset process is complete.

eero pulsing white

Hard Reset Eero Device

If the soft reset does not work to fix your white LED blinking issue then you can go further for the hard reset method. Hard reset is a process where the device will clear all configurations and restore factory settings.

Follow steps to the hard reset process for Eero.


  • Power ON Eero device
  • Locate a small reset hole or reset button back side or beside that depending on the Eero model number.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds to perform a hard reset.
  • Eero device will restart automatically and reboot to default settings.
  • After resetting it to default add your device again in the Eero app and setup it again.

If all the above troubleshooting methods do not help you to fix the eero pro device light blinking might eero device need to be replaced because if faulty. Also, you can raise a complaint to the Eero support center to get a replacement for your Eero device if you think everything working fine.