How to Find Netgear Router login IP Address ?

How to Find Netgear Router IP?

IP address is a unique address of each router and computer. The IP address also used to login router for the first-time configuration when setup new internet connections. Probable when router default IP address changed to different IP series or IP address that need to find to login router. Although there are many ways to Find Netgear Router login IP address in case you changed the default IP or forget the IP address you have configured. There is no need to factory reset Netgear router if you forget IP address or the default login IP address not working for your router. Within a few steps, you can find router IP address without making it to default mode. You need a router login IP address to configure or update wireless SSID. Password or any other configuration so you must bookmark this manual to Find Netgear Router login IP using different methods.

Method1 – Check Default Setting Printed to Router Sticker

Every router, modem, and network device preconfigured with default settings and credential also printed to router sticker. If you are trying to login to a new router just turn the router and check the login URL- or default IP,, or any other with default username and password.

If your router older and sticker damage just visit the brand official support page download the router manual in pdf and check the login IP address as well as username password. If the default IP address printed to the router label not working for you then you may try the next method.

Method 2- Using Command Prompt

know your router IP address if the default IP not working or getting a time-out ping issue.  You need to connect router LAN port to the computer LAN port to get the Wi-Fi router’s current IP address.

Follow the steps to get a router IP address.

  • Power ON router and connect LAN cable from router LAN to PC LAN Port.
  • Go to computer /Laptop LAN settings and make sure it’s in DHCP mode.
  • Go to the start menu and open the command prompt in windows and terminal in Mac OS and Linux..
  • Type “ipconfig” and press enter key.
  • You will get Ethernet LAN IP details.
  • Default Gateway IP address will be your router LAN IP that can use for login router.
  • How to find router IP address

Just use the default gateway IP address showing in the command prompt to log in Netgear router.

The next method to get an IP address is using third-party tools that snip the network address and get all live and dead not in the network.

Method3: Find Netgear Nighthawk Wireless Router Using IP Scanner

You can use a third-party IP scanner tool to find your router IP address if the default LAN Ip address changed.

You can download an IP scanner tool from the internet that is freeware and easily available.

  • Connect router LAN port to PC/laptop using for IP scanner.
  • Download the IP scanner and run it. Provide the complete IP address series of the router default addresses.
  • If Netgear default IP address then use t0 to scan the whole IP series.

what is my ip address for my router

This is the simple way to find router and modem IP address if the default router login not working for your Netgear and any other brand wireless or wired router. You can also get a default login guide from the official support website.

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