How to Fix BT WiFi Flashing Purple?

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How To Fix Bt Wifi Flashing Purple?

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Bt WiFi extender OR BT hub flashing purple light show one of the device status that can be understood if you know what is the meaning of each color light blinking in BT hub. BT WIFI hub continues flashing purple lights seems your BT Home Hub is working but the broadband internet cable is not connected or if it’s physically connected but still flashing purple seems there is another issue that can fix. There are many reasons and different light flashing such as pink, Red, green, purple, and others which indicate BT WIFI hub status about working and related to any problems. First, understand the meaning of each light to understand why the internet not working in your BT WiFI hub or Why the Pink light flashing.

What is the BT WiFI HUB Light Mean?

There are 4-5 different light color indications that flash in BT wifi hub for a different router status and understand about the problem as well as if everything running fine.

Find Different Light Means in BT HUB given below.

BT Flashing WPS button Light

If the WPS button flashes blue it means it is waiting to press the button on your computer or mobile device to connect. This will give you a few minutes and if its turn flashing red means it didn’t connect to the computer.

No Lights in BT hub

If there is no light in your Hub it means either WiFI Hub is turned or off from power or Lights disabled from hub managers. You can check the Power button or check Hub manager settings if it’s disabled.

BT WiFI Hub flashing Blue light

If you getting blue light on your BT Hub just you do not need to worry because blue light flashing means Hub is connected to the internet and it’s working fine. However, if you are unable to browse the internet just try rebooting your BT WIFI Hub and check again.

BT Hub flashing Orange Light

Still orange light means Hub is working but not connected to the internet connection. This can come for the first time before setup BT WiFI hub or you can login BT hub to a web browser and setup it using wizards.

Hub flashing Green Light

Flashing Orange light means hub trying to connect broadband connection so wait for at least 3 minutes until its getting connects. Once the Hub light turns blue means Bt hub is ready for use and everything working fine.

Green Light

Getting a green light flashing means the hub is getting started and it takes about 3-4 minutes to turn blue light if all goes well. BT Hub flashing Green light longer than 5-6 minutes just try reset factory default using reset button or contact BT hum support number.

BT WiFi Showing Red light

Red light is a sign of something wrong or an error in the BT hub. You can check Internet cable, and other connections or can reboot Hub to fix the red light errors.

BT WiFi flashing Purple

Facing BT WIFI flash purple light continue means your Hub is working but not connecting to broadband connections. Flashing purple led light means the internet not working with your Bt Wifi hub and you have to fix it using troubleshooting.

How to Fix Purple light flashing

You can fix purple light flashing with a check internet cable connection or if another problem comes on the internet. Follow steps to fix bt hub flashing purple color light and the internet not working since purple light start flashing.

  • Check if the broadband cable is properly connected to Hub ethernet ports.
  • If you are using a wall socket to plug Ethernet cable check if the broadband connection connects from an outside cable.
  • You can try rebooting the router and check if the purple light flashing stops and its turns blue light.
  • You can log in to the router and check if the configuration is correct or can factory reset BT hum using the reset button to setup it again.
  • IF you still facing a purple light issue just contact the BT customer support center to confirm if any issue from the back ends.

This is a simple user guide to understand why bt hub flashing red, orange, or purple light and what exactly meaning of it. It is best things to identify a problem or error with each light color and help you to fix the problem as well. Hope these steps will fix the problem with your Bt home hum device and you can enjoy the internet again.


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