How To Fix Talk Talk Router Flashing Orange (Amber) Light

Fix Talk Talk Router Flashing Orange (Amber) Light

Your Talk Talk router flashing orange (Amber) color light and it continues for a longer period seems there is some issue with the network or configurations. There are different colors of TalkTalk router LED meaning based on configuration with blinking to understand router status. Before fixing Talk Talk router flashing Orange amber solid light you must know what the meaning of different colors of Led lights stands for. Talk Talk router’ different models LED light color might be different such as some Talktalk router comes with green color led light and some cable modem or router comes with mixed colored LED lights. Before trying to fix the orange or red light blinking on talk talk router first understand the meaning of light color and flashing types.

Talk Talk Router LED light Colour Status Meaning


talk talk router flashing orange

There are different LED colors in talktalk router that are configured for a specific status and you can identify the meaning of router status using LED flashing colors.

There are commonly LED colors and statuses are given below but some Talk talk routers use single gree colors with different flashing types.

  • Solid white
  • Solid amber
  • Blinking amber and white
  • Blinking amber

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Solid White

The Talk talk router flashing Solid white means the router is connected to an internet connection and your router working without any problem and the internet as well as WiFi status is UP and you can enjoy it without worrying about flashing sold white light.

Solid Amber

The router flashing a Solid Amber or orange color means something wrong with the internet connection or the router trying to connect with the internet connection. You should not to worry if you turn off the router and flash solid amber lights seems the router checking the connection with the internet and if everything is fine it will not remain more than 15-20 minutes until the router is connected to the internet and status up.

If your Talk talk router flashing orange (solid amber) light continues then you can look for cable or other problem that might not allow connection with your internet from the router and show solid amber that indicates any error.

Blinking amber and white

Getting blinking amber and white led light in your talk talk router stands for WiFi hub connected but still searching for WiFi range or internet connectivity. In short, the router is booting and trying with an internet connection. It just shows amber and white until the router does not have internet status up.

Blinking amber

The Talk talk router blinking amber (orange light) means the router just start and gets ready for wireless, internet and other connection status and its usually comes when the router restart or turn off and on and its starting from first time again. These are the all-LED light status that comes with the Talk talk router. Now follow the steps to fix the flashing orange light.

Steps to Fix Talk Talk router Flashing Orange (amber) Led light

Fixing the TalkTalk router blinking or flashing orange light requires following steps to troubleshoot the connection and another network glitch. If your router flashes orange or red light for a few minutes so you should not worry and wait 15-20 minutes as the router gets bootup and tries the internet. Follow steps to solve Talk Talk router red or orange light continues.

 Check the Internet cable connected to Talk Talk router internet port.

Make sure internet cable coming from the internet provider side is properly connected to talk talk router internet port. Also, check if the cable is not damaged or cut somewhere which may show an amber light flashing to searching for internet connections.

Check Service Activation

If you buy a new internet connection and your router flashes red or orange light then make sure your internet connection activation process is done. If the internet connection is not activated may router will not get active internet connection and will keep flashing orange light.

Restart Talk Talk router

To solve the Talk Talk router blinking red or orange light just try rebooting your router or you can just power on and off directly. Turn off the router for 15-20 minutes let it cool down and turn it again. Wait a few moments until the router boots up and connects to the internet connection. If you still show a flashing orange router then follow the next steps to fix the error.

Contact Talk Talk service Support

If you have followed the above steps and still router flashing amber light and not getting fix then you can just contact talk talk customer support to make sure there is any service outage from the internet provider side. If any service outage from the server side then you not need to take any action as once service will up from isp side your Talk Talk router flashing an orange light will turn off and the internet start working.

Final Words

Talk talk router flashing solid green, orange or red lights seems there is some connection down the error. You can check the router manual to understand the router LED color meaning to ensure the router getting into the problem or if there is any other reason than flashing red or orange lights.


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