How to Add a Second Router to Spectrum?

Add Two Modems in one House spectrum

Can we add a second router to the spectrum or how to add a second router to a spectrum internet connection? Spectrum wireless modem and router installed with internet connection and if house size is a bit larger with extra room so the main router might not provider proper WiFI signal range to every place. There are many different ways to expand wireless networks either using a wired LAN cable, a Wireless range extender or use Coax splitter to add the second router to the spectrum using bridge methods. You need to add a second WiFi router in your spectrum network if you not getting a proper WiFI signal range in every place or you might face speed problems due to a low wifi signal.

However, if you want to avoid adding the second modem in the spectrum that is connected to a wired connection from the first spectrum modem then you can choose a Range extender device to boost the WIFI signal range without adding the second router in the spectrum connection. Find the way to add two modems in one house spectrum internet connection using the different ways as given below.

Way to add a More then one Router to Spectrum Network

Probably spectrum and any other internet provider add a single router to connect internet connect for last-mile connectivity. Spectrum modem works with coax port so its connected with coaxial cable so you can use a second router either using Cat6 cable from modem ethernet port or using  WDS bridge mode.

  • Add a second Spectrum internet account with a different user
  • Add the second Router using LAN Cable LAN to LAN from first Spectrum Router/Modem
  • Use a second router using Cat6 cable LAN to Wan connection.
  • Setup Bridge modem (WDS mode) or Repeater mode to add a second router without wired


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Method 1-  Add Second Spectrum Modem to Same Network using New Account

If you want to connect two routers with a spectrum single network then you can create a different account with a new username and password for the separate subscription. If you want a separate internet connection in your home for guests or any other purpose just subscribe new spectrum internet plan with a different name. it’s a simple process just like subscribing first connection adding one more spectrum connection that will come with a different modem or router.

Method 2- Add Second Router in Spectrum using LAN to LAN connection

LAN to LAN connection means connecting a second wireless router using a LAN cable from Spectrum modem or router LAN port to the second router LAN port. LAN to Lan connection required some basic configuration to work the second router as bridge network and network configuration work as first router settings. You need to configure Network settings as follows below steps to add one more wifi router in the same spectrum network. Settings that need to configure on the second router before connecting to the first router.

  • Login Second Router
  • Change the Default IP address to different from the first router.
  • Change Wireless Settings
  • Disable DHCP server

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Steps to add 2nd router in Spectrum Network without changing settings

Before connecting to the spectrum first router make sure you have configured the second router to work in the same configuration with single spectrum internet connections.

  • Connect the second router to the DC power adapter and make it turn on.
  • Connect Wired LAN cable from Modem LAN port to PC/Laptop or use WiFI SSID to connect using Wireless.
  • Open browser and access spectrum router default IP or to login router settings.
  • If your first spectrum router uses the default IP then first change the second router’s default IP address to or or if the first router 1921.68.0.1 uses for second router.
  • Login second router with change the new IP address and go to Wireless settings.
  • Change Wireless SSID name and password as configured in the first spectrum router to use automatic roaming wireless connection when moving to the second router network.
  • After wireless settings go to Network- DHCP server option and disable the DHCP server so the second router can work as a bridge router and get an IP address from the first spectrum router to the client connected to the second router.
  • Now use a LAN cable to connect from the first Spectrum modem LAN port to the Second spectrum router LAN port and check your internet start work with the second router without buying new internet connections.

two internet connections one house

This is a bridge mode to add more than one router in the spectrum network without changing internet settings for each router. Another way to add more than one router in the spectrum network is using LAN to WAN configuration.

Method 3- Add other routers using LAN to WAN method

can you have two modems in one house spectrum then the answer is Yes? You can use the second modem using a LAN cable that comes from the first modem LAN port to the second router WAN port that works with the NAT feature and both networks will be isolated from each other.

If you want to make both networks separate from access to each other devices and data then LAN to WAN method will work for you.

Settings to set up in the second router to add in the same spectrum of internet connections.

  • Login Second router using the default IP or username password.
  • Change LAN IP address if it’s using the same default IP of the spectrum first router or modem you can use in the second router LAN IP.
  • Go to Network – WAN settings and change Network to Dynamic IP option to get IP from the first router.
  • Change Wireless SSID network name and password and use the same WIFI name as the first router or can use a different network for the second router.
  • After all configurations use the cat6 LAN cable and connect the first router LAN port to the second router WAN port.
  • After configuration, you can use any router to use your single spectrum internet connection.
  • If you want to have more than one router in spectrum internet connection you can follow both methods to add a third or fourth router depending on your first spectrum router’s number of Ethernet ports to use wired connections.

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Both above methods is based on a wired connection to add multiple wireless routers to extend your single spectrum network connection with a larger area. If you don’t want to use a wired connection then you can use a wireless repeater or range extender device to extend your wifi network.

Method 4-  Use Wireless Repeater or Range extender to Extend the network

The range extender or Repeater device works with a wires bridge connection so you don’t need to pull the physical cable from the main spectrum router just setup the range extender device.

Use any brand range extender such as Netgear extender, D-link, Spectrum range extender, or any other that is compatible with spectrum router.

  • Plug Repeater device near Spectrum main router.
  • Press the WPS button in the Router for 2 seconds.
  • Go to the range extender and press the WPS button within 2 minutes of pressing the WPS button on the router.
  • The repeater will take a few moments to connect with the spectrum router.
  • After successful connection Wireless signal LED will glow solid green or white depending on the repeater model and LED colors.
  • Just unplug the range extender device and plug into the area you want to extend your spectrum router network using a second router.

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