How to Reset Eero Whole Home WiFi if Not Working

Reset Eero Wifi System If Not Working

Reseting Eero whole home Wi-Fi system is useful if you forget your password as well as the Eero device registered with a different account or you may face any connectivity or stability problems. Eero factory reset is a process to restore Eero device to factory settings and erase all configurations and settings you had made for your network.

There are different model numbers of Eero devices available with model names Eero Pro wifi system, Eero Mesh wifi system, and Eero 6, and the method of resetting Eero any model is the same so you can use this article if you have an Eero device in your home or office.

There are two ways to reset Eero 6 and Eero Pro using the soft reset method or the hard reset method. The hard reset Eero device is a process of restoring settings using the reset button and soft reset is a process of resetting the device from Apps or web interface. Follow the steps below to reset Eero Pro and Eero Eero 6 device if you want to transfer ownership or facing problems.

How To Reset Eero Using Reset Button?

Always recommend before attempting reset the Eero device always try a power cycle or a soft restart of your Eero unit to fix the problem without restoring it to factory settings.

You can power Off your Eero unit for 30 seconds and turn on again to avoid factory resetting Eero mesh unit.

factory reset eero pro 6


Note: A hard reset will clear all configurations and settings you have made in your Eero unit and you have to pair it again.

If you looking to reset the Eero gateway device that is connected to your internet modem or router using a Lan cable then remove all the network cables from Eero gateway device and perform a reset.

  • Follow the steps below to Eero hard reset using the reset button
  • Power ON the Eero device using the DC adapter of the Eero device.
  • Locate a small reset hole or reset button beside or back side of the Eero device that location might be different for each Eero unit.
  • Use a needle or clip to press the reset button if a reset hole is available.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds until the LED light flashes Red then release the button.
  • Eero’s successful reset will start indicating a blue LED light to show the status that Eero is ready to be set up again.

This is a hard factory reset process for Eero devices if it’s not working or you facing any issue while using the internet or you may forget your password or be unable to setup Eero units.

Next method called is soft reset which you can perform either using the reset button or performing a reset from your Eero mobile apps.

How to Perform Eero Soft Reset?

Soft Reset Eero device is a process that resets Eero settings but keeps all your sessions as well as keep advanced settings such as firewall settings, port forwarding, and other settings. Soft reset only resets only clear network settings from Eero.

Follow Eeero Soft Reset using the Reset button

  • Power ON the Eero gateway device or other Eero unit.
  • Press and hold the Reset button for 7 seconds until the LED flashes Yellow then the release button.
  • After a few seconds Eero LED light will turn a Solid white light and also appear a solid Green outline in the Eero App.
  • In this soft reset method, your Eero network settings will clear but remain all advanced settings so you can set the Eero unit again.

Both the hard and soft reset can be performed using the reset button so if your Eero is not restored to default settings then it seems the Eero reset button not working due to damage or any problem with your Eero device that needs to be replaced or contact Eero customer support.

How to Restar Eero Network from Eero Apps

If your Eero unit randomly gives any problems connecting to the internet or may not have stable connectivity then you can restart all your Eero network from Eero apps to fix the Eero connectivity issue.

  • Open the Eero App and tab the Eero unit you wish to reset settings.
  • Go to the “Settings” tab and tap “Advanced”
  • Scroll to the “Reset” option in the Advance menu.
  • See the “Restart Eero” Network option at the bottom.
  • Tap the button and wait until the Eero unit is restarting one by one and connecting again with your Eero gateway unit.

You are required to reboot your Eero unit if your Eero giving slow internet speed or your Eero unit is connected to the wrong Eero unit as well as if you having any issues connecting the Eero unit. Rebooting the Eero unit will only restart the unit without removing the configurations.


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