How To Reset Hughesnet Router?

How To Reset Hughesnet Router if Forgotten Login Password?

Resetting a Modem or router is a process to restore configuration to factory mode. IF you looking manually to reset the Hughesnet router because you either forgot login password or facing any connectivity or other issues. Try to reset HughesNet HT2000/HT2000W factory reset or any other Cable modem from Hughesnet that is installed in your internet connection by your internet service provider and you forget the login password.

There are two ways to reset the Hughesnet router or broadband cable modem to restore the configuration to default mode. Reset Hughesnet modem from the reset button is a hard reset method and it’s useful if you forget the login password and are unable to access settings. The second method is resetting the Hughesnet modem from the web interface which requires you to log in to the Hughesnet modem using the default login username password or login password you updated.

Resetting the Hughesnet router and modem also fixed many problems and issues in connectivity. But making the modem reset erases all configuration and you need to configure it again as per your internet settings provided by your internet provider.  Follow the complete guide to factory reset the Hughesnet Wireless Router Modem with and without login.

How to Factory Reset Hughesnet Router if Forget Password?

Factory reset using the reset button is a fast way to restore configuration to factory mode and all configurations are erased and need to set up settings again. To reset from the reset button is a physical process and you need to access the router physically to press the reset switch. Follow the steps to hard reset the Hughesnet router.

  • Power ON Hughesnet HT2000W or any other Modem and wait for a few seconds until its boots up.
  • Locate a small reset buttonhole beside the Ethernet port or power button.
  • You need a needle to press the reset button so use a toothpick or paper clip.
  • Press the Reset button hold for 10 seconds and release after 10 seconds.
  • Hughesnet router will automatically turn off and turn on again quickly after executing the reset command.
  • After the factory restore configuration router will access using the default login IP address and username password printed to a sticker.
  • Login again and configure or restore the configuration backup if you saved it before resettling the modem/Router.

HT2000W Satellite Modem User manual pdf

Another way to reset the Hughesnet Wireless router or cable modem using the login method from the web interface.

Factory Reset Hughesnet Rooter Modem from Settings

Resetting the Hugheesnet router from software settings required a connection with the router using wired or wireless to access the web interface. You need the default username and password along with the login IP address of HughesNet for first-time setup.

  • Connect your Modem/Router using a LAN cable from the modem LAN port.
  • Use default SSID and password printed to sticker for wireless connection.
  • Open web browser access and use the default username and password to open settings.
  • After login go to System Settings or Administrator.
  • Under System settings, you will get “factory Reset” options.
  • Press the reset button to factory restore configuration.
  • You will be asked to confirm if you want to reset settings.
  • After confirming router will reboot and take a few minutes to restore the setting to default mode.
  • Before resetting your modem do not forget to download the configuration file so you can upload it after the reset process is done.

After reset process is complete restore the configuration file if you saved it before resetting the router or configure it manually again as per your internet type.

you can download Hughesnet’s complete configuration manual in pdf from Hughes official website

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