Juplink Router Login, Setup, REview and Troubleshootings

Juplink Router Login Guide For First-Time Setup

Juplink AX1800 2048 Mbps Wireless Router



Juplink router login using the default login IP address and default username password is a simple process. If you have a Juplink N300 single band or Juplink ec3-750, juplink ec4-1200 setup, or any other Juplink wireless router and looking for first-time setup or change the wireless password on an already configured router then this login guide will help you step-by-step.

Login Juplink rx4-1800 dual band WIFI6 router or Juplink ec4-1200 WiFI 5 routers well as Juplink signal band 300mbps router is the same process and can access either using wired or wireless connections.

There are two ways to login Juplink wireless router using a WiFi connection or using a LAN cable from a LAN ethernet port. juplink rx4-1800, RX40-1500 or EC4-1200 wireless router comes with 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port so you can use any LAN port to access from a desktop or laptop for first-time setup.

TO login Juplink Wireless router or Setup Juplink router you need a default login username and password credentials that are printed to every wireless router and modem device. Just find Juplink default login password along with username and login IP address check the Juplink router bottom side sticker or quick startup guide included with the box.

Juplink Router Default Username and Password

The default credential for the Juplink router default IP address, username, and password are printed on the sticker so check your router to find the router IP address for first-time login.

Juplink Default IP address –

Juplink RX4-1800 default login IP address-

Or Login URL– Router.juplink.com

Default username– admin

Default password- admin or password

Get login details for your Juplink WiFI router, Juplink range extender or any other Juplink device you want to access from a web browser and follow the next steps to proceed with login.

Juplink Router Login connection and Login from a Web browser

You need to connect the Jup-link router using the wireless name or using a LAN cable from a PC/Laptop or mobile device to access settings.

  • Unbox Juplink RX4-1800 or any other Juplink WiFI router if first time set up.
  • Connect DC adapter comes with box and power On it.
  • Plug internet cable coming from your internet provider or from the Cable modem to the Juplink router WAN port.
  • For LAN connection use a LAN cable from the router LAN port (yellow) to the Desktop/Laptop LAN port.
  • Make LAN IP settings to DHCP mode.
  • For WiFI connection use juplink default SSID Juplink-RX4-1800_5G or another Model number in SSID if different model.
  • Open web browser and access router.juplink.com or or as the default IP address printed for your router.
  • Use the default login username and password for your Juplink router as printed on a sticker or if you already changed the default login password use the same.
  • Once you login to the router follow the next steps to change the WAN and Wireless settings.

Netgear C3000 Login- N300 WiFi Cable Modem Router

WAN Internet Settings

For first-time setup you need to configure WAN internet settings as per your internet type from DHCP, Static or PPPoE. Get wan settings from your ISP if you installing the router yourself.

Go to the WAN option from the left side menu.

Link mode- Route

Connection type– PPPoE or Static

Choose the connection type and get settings from your internet providers.

juplink rx4-1500 firmware update

Change Juplink  ec4-1200 WiFi SSID and Password

Changing Juplink WiFI password and SSID name is simple for any Juplink Wifi 6 router or Juplink BGN or Juplink 11Ac router.

Go to the Wireless option from the left side option

Under wireless, you will get settings for 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz wireless bands.

Select the 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz bands one by one and change the Wireless SSID and password.

After changing the wireless SSID and password apply all settings and connect wifi devices with the new SSID and password.

If you facing any problems while trying to login to your router or you forget your login password or are unable to access router settings then you can make it factory reset.

How to Factory Reset Juplink WiFI Router?

Factory reset restores all configurations to default mode so if you forget the login password or if facing any connectivity issues with your wifi or internet then you can use the reset option to restore default settings.

Steps to factory reset Juplink WIFI 6 router or WiFi5.

  • Power ON Router with DC adapter.
  • Find a small reset button beside Ethernet Ports or Power socket.
  • Use a needle or pin to press the reset button.
  • Press the reset button for 10 seconds and release.
  • The router will automatically restart after completing the Reset process and be restored to factory settings.
  • Login again with the default login IP and username password and setup it up again.

Also do not forget to change the Juplink admin password for more security.

Go to the Basic-Security option and modify the default admin password for your Juplink router.


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