ZTE ZXHN China mobile FTTH GPON ONU device customize for China mobile fiber internet. ZTE Fiber GPON ONT is compatible with different brands of Fiber OLT as well such as Huawei, Nokia, VSOL. If you own a China mobile ZTE GPON ONU FTTH device and looking to setup it with your GPON OLT device but are unable to login then just follow this user manual to access ZTE ONT the device. ZTE GPON ONT Default login username and password might be different for China mobile FTTH ONT devices as it’s customized for them only but you can find login username and password printed to sticker. ZTE ZXHN device support 1 PON port 4 Ethernet, 1 FX port for voice, and 1 USB port with dual-band wireless.

ZTE ZXHN F673AV9 GPON ONT is a dual-band Wireless FTTH GPON ONT device that supports 2.4G as well as a 5G wireless band. You need to connect ZTE DUAL band GPON ONT using a wireless or wired connection to log in from a web browser. You can find the default WIFI SSID, and Security key printed to the ONU sticker to use a wireless connection or use LAN cable from the ONT LAN port to the PC/Laptop.

Default Login IP address, Username, and Password for ZTE GPON

Check default login username and password for ZTE GPON FTTH ONT printed to sticker. IF you have using china mobile powered by ZTE Onu login credential may be different from an original ZTE ONT.

Default Login IP Address –

Default login settings for China mobile GPON ONT Powerd by ZTE.

Default username -user

Default Password – kGt6F#Dz (Check your password for your ONT device)

Default Login settings for ZTE users

Username– admin

Password- admin

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Steps to Login ZTE FTTH ONU

ZTE FTTH Fiber GPON XPON or EPON ont login from a web browser are the same steps that can access from Windows, MAC, or Linux computers as well as a mobile device. You can use LAN cable from ONT Ethernet port or using WIFI for first-time login.

  • Connect XPON/GPON ONT device to DC power Adapter (12V,1.5A) and power ON it.
  • Use LAN cable to LAN port of ONU device and connect Desktop, LAPTOP LAN port.
  • For WiFI connection find default WIFI key and SSID printed to ZTE ONU sticker.
  • Make sure LAN settings in your computer/laptop is DHCP mode to get IP from ONT.
  • Open the web browser and access to the URL bar. You will get a ZTE GPON ONU login page with a username and password window.
  • Use admin/admin as username password or find username and password printed to sticker.

1092.168 1.1

  • You will get access to ZTE ONT control where you can set up WAN settings, WLAN settings, VOICE setting, VLAN, and other configurations.

Note- If your internet provider managing your ONT then do not change WAN settings because it’s configured by the OLT device remotely so if you make any changes you may disconnect from the internet.

To change ZTE Wireless SSID and password follow the below steps.

Change Wireless SSID name and Password

Once you got login inside FTTH fiber ONT router now you can change the default Wireless network name and password to secure your home internet connection.

Go to Network- WLAN  from the top menu as shown below the image.

Under the WLAN option, you will get 2.4G and 5G Wireless band settings.

You have to change Wireless SSID for 2.4G as well as 5G WiFi band one by one. Steps to update SSID for both bands are the same so you can follow the below steps for both wireless Names.

Channel Bandwidth – 20 or use 20/40

SSID Selection- SSID1

SSID name- CMCC-eFdc (change this default WiFI name to a new Wifi name for 2.4GHz as per your choice for your wifi network)

Verification method– WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

WPA Pre-shared key– create WIFI password for 2.4Ghz here.

Scroll page to down and find Apply setting button. Press Apply button to save the change.

zte default password

Note- if you using a WiFI network to log in ZTE ONU device web interface you may be disconnected so connect again with a new WIFI name and password as you configured it.

After setup 2.4GHz wireless settings go to 5G option below 2.4G and change SSID for 5GHz wireless band and create a new WiFI password.

Apart from wireless settings login passwords also should be updated during first-time login so follow the next steps to login to ZTE login Password.

Change ZTE GPON ONU Login Password

Changing admin login password to new login password required to access management option. follow the below steps.

Go to Management – Login option from the top menu.

Under Login, you will get the option to change username and admin login password as shown below picture.

Username- admin (default)

New Password– Create NEw Login password

Confirmation– confirm the new password again to avoid spelling mistakes.

network routers brands

Press Apply button to save settings. Keep remember login password and avoid writing on the ONT sticker.


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