Luxul Router Login and Configuration first time

How to Login Luxul router to Setup for the first time

Luxul router is a Legrand brand in wireless and network segments. Luxul Wireless router available with signal band and Gigabit dual-band speed 3.1Gbps and more in Wifi6 router series. If you are a first-time user of the Luxul Wifi6 router and looking for a simple user manual to set up a Luxul wireless router for your internet then just read the complete article.

Login Luxul ac3100 gigabit router or single band 300Mbps router login method is same and default login IP address for Luxul WiFi router printed on the sticker.  The login method for the Luxul ABR-4500 Epic 4 Multi-WAN Gigabit Router can be different login credentials from the Luxul wireless router.

Luxul Wifi6 gigabit wireless router is designed for commercial purposes and used for medium and enterprise network infrastructure. if you looking Luxul router for your home then the price might be higher as per a home segment wireless router although if you have an automation system at home and looking for an enterprise long-range Wi-Fi 6 wireless router then you go with the Luxul AC3100 gigabit router.

You need to connect a Luxul Wi-Fi router using wired or wireless from a mobile or computer to access the web interface. You also need a default login username and password along with a Luxul login IP address for the first time that is usually printed to a router sticker and a quick user guide included with the device. you will get Luxul router reviews on different websites and users who are already using Luxul routers so you can compare the Luxul dual band wifi router model and pick the best one as per your requirement without investing too much money.

Default login Admin Credential for Luxul Wireless Router

Default login username and password printed on Luxul wireless router, Luxul ABR-4500 Epic 4 Multi-WAN Gigabit Router, and Whole home mesh system for first-time setup. Another way is you check the quick user manual of the Luxor router included with the box.

Luxul default Login IP address –

Default username – admin

Default password- admin

Get login details for your Luxul xap 1510 default wifi password as well as login password and follow the steps to access the web interface from the browser.

Login Luxul  WiFi Router Web Interface

You require a physical wired or wireless connection either trying to log in to LUXUL Wireless XWR-1200 Router or Ac3100 Gigabit router or any other Luxul WiFi or wired router.

Luxul Wireless comes with multiple LAN ports and 1 WAN port. you can use any LAN port to log in using wired and default SSID and password to use wireless connections.

  • Unbox the Luxul gigabit wifi router for first-time setup and power on with a DC adapter.
  • Connect a LAN cable from the Luxul Ethernet port to the PC/Laptop LAN port.
  • Use Wireless SSID and password open in the default modem to connect using Wireless.
  • Open the web browser and access Luxul login IP to the URL bar and use the default username and password “admin” in default mode.
  • If your admin not working for your Luxul wifi router make sure you didn’t change the login password and if you changed use the same login password to access your router.
  • Once you log into Luxul Web Gui you get all access to router settings such as internet, LAN, WAN, Wireless system, Maintenance, and others.

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Luxul Wifi SSID and Password Change

XWR-3100 and XWR-1200 wireless gigabit router preconfigured with default Luxul1200 and Luxul12005G wifi name. default Mode there is not wifi password configured in Luxul 1200 Mbps wireless router so it is important to set a wifi password.

Go to the Wireless tab from the left-side vertical menu.

Wireless- Basic wireless settings

Wireless Settings 2.4Ghz Frequency

Operating Mode- Access point

Network Name (SSID)- Luxul1200 (change default wifi name for 2.4Ghz here )

Security Mode- WPA/WPA2

Encryption- AES

WPA Passphrase- set wifi password here.

Scroll the page or go to wireless 5Ghz Wireless settings change SSID for 5G wifi and set a new password.

Apply settings after all wireless configuration and connect your mobile and another Wi-Fi user with a new SSID and password.

Luxul AC1200 P40 User Manual

After changing Wireless settings also update the default login password to secure router settings from users who are connected to the same networks.

Change Luxul Wifi Router admin Password

The default Luxul login admin password is admin that very common and the most used login password so its the most unsecured login password if you still using it for your Luxul routers and whole home wifi.

Follow the steps to change the default login password.

Go to the Administration option from the left-side vertical menu.

Administrator Login

Password– change new login password here

Confirm password– Confirm new password

Luxul XAP-1440 AC1200 Dual-Band Outdoor Access Point

Save settings and reboot the router to apply settings and log in with a new login password after the router reboot.

You can also add extra security to your Wi-Fi internet by enabling a Mac access list in the Luxul WiFi router, and to prevent your kids and staff from visiting not useful sites you can enable content filtering as well as parental control configuration and schedule internet on weekdays and time-based. if you are using whole home wifi, or multiple indoor Luxul wifi devices for your office or campus hotspot and facing any issues then you can directly contact to Luxul support center to raise your complaint.


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