Netgear AC1000 Setup and Login First time [R6080]

Login Netgear AC1000 Setup and Configuration

 Netgear R6080 Ac1000 dual-band wireless broadband router for home high-speed internet connection and long-range wifi connectivity. It is a 1000 Mbps wireless speed (300+700) combined with 2.4GHz and 5GHz. You can setup Netgear AC1000 either using a wired connection or wifi connection with the default SSID setting. Although while buying a new router and you get a Netgear ac1000 manual included with a box along with a router installation guide. If you still looking for a step-to-step user guide to set up a Netgear nighthawk dual-band Ac1000 wireless router for your broadband internet connection working with PPPoE, Static or dynamic internet type.  Unbox your R6080 Router if want to setup the first time or follow the steps to log in to the Netgear Ac1000 WiFi router to change the WiFi name or password.

Step to Login Netgear R6080 Dual Band Router

 You need default login credentials to login and setup Netgear Ac1000 or any other router. Although default login settings printed to router sticker and user manual included with box if you looking to set up old Netgear router and lost login details then find Netgear R6080 login settings below.

Netgear R6080 Default Login IP address– or  Default login URL-

Default login username – admin

Default password- password

Connection with Nighthawk Router

 You can use WiFi as well as a wired physical connection from router Ethernet port to PC or computer LAN port to access router settings.

·         Download Netgear mobile apps from the play store or app store.

·         Connect your mobile to Netgear ac1000 default wifi name.

·         Use wired LAN cable from router LAN port to PC LAN port.

·         Internet cable coming from ISP should connect to the WAN port.

·         Power ON Wireless router with DC adapter comes with router box.

Login Netgear ac1000 router Web interface

 Open the web browser and access or to access Netgear AC1000 login page.

If you using first-time login Netgear router then you will get a setup wizard where you have to change the default login password on the first-time setup.

After change the login password select I will setup myself option to enter in configuration advanced mode.

The first step is to configure your broadband WAN internet settings as per your internet type from PPPoE, Static or DHCP.

WAN Internet Configuration

 You must know internet type and internet settings as per your ISP provider for your broadband internet connections.

Go to Setup- Internet Setup

Internet settings Type-  Dial-up (PPPoE) 

Does your Internet connection require a login? Yes

PPPoE username- ask your Internet provider

PPPoE Password- Ask same to your ISP.

Static Internet type – Ask the internet provider for Static IP address, Subnet mask and default gateway, and DNS details.

Dynamic – Automatically get IP from ISP.

Select your internet type provider internet settings and complete wan internet configurations.

The next step is to change the default WIFI SSID and security key.

Setup Wireless name and password

 Default wireless network name and password printed to router sticker and Netgear ac1000 manual included with the device as well as available in support site so must change wireless settings before using it.

Go to Setup-Wireless Setup

1-      Wireless Network (2.4GHz B/G/M)

Name (SSID)- R6080-2.4G name. (change WiFi name for 2.4Ghz in your Netgear AC100)

Security Option- WPA2-PSK (AES)

Passphrase- 2.4G-wifi-key (create a password for 2.4GHz WiFI name)

2: Wireless Network (5GHz a/b/g/n/ac)

Name (SSID)- R6080-5GHz (create wifi name for 5GHz wireless name)

Security Option- WPA2-PSK (AES)

Passphrase– 5G-wifi-key (create a password for 5GHz WiFI name)

netgear r6080 setup

Apply settings and connect your mobile, and laptop wifi device with a new wifi name and password.

After settings up WAN, and Wireless settings your router is ready to use in a live network. Apart from the basic configuration you can also set up parental control, Mac access list, website block as well as internet schedule timing.

IF you facing any login issue or not working while accessing from web browser make sure you are connected to the same router you want to access.

If you forget the login password for your router and are unable to log in due to the wrong username and password error or you didn’t set up a recovery option while setup your router the first time then you have the only way to make a factory reset router.

Netgear R6080 Dual-band AC1000 Router Factory Reset

 Factory reset router into default mode and required to set up again to work with internet so only make router reset if you have all internet settings detail or configuration backup to restore settings again.

Steps to factory reset Netgear AC1000

  •     Turn On Wireless router with an adapter comes with a device.
  •     Locate a small reset button beside the Ethernet port.
  •        Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds and release when power led and other led suddenly turn of and turn on again.
  • The router will automatically reboot and take a few minutes to restore settings into default mode

After factory reset router login again and restore settings backup or configure manually as followed above steps.Router

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