Login Netgear Ac1600 Wifi Vdsl/Adsl Modem Router

Login Netgear Ac1600 Wifi Vdsl/Adsl Modem Router

Netgear ac1600 wifi VDSL/ADSL modem router a dual-band 11ac wifi router with support VDLS/ADLS as well as Router mode using WAN port to set up as a normal broadband router. Netgear AC1600 model number D6400-100NAS a multi-service support Modem cum router that can configure as per the internet line type and requirement. Netgear D6400 WiFi modem physically having 1 USB port, 1 DSL Port, 1WAN port, and 4 Gigabit LAN ports for wired connection. AC1600 DSL fully Compatible with DSL ISPs like AT&T (except AT&T Uverse), Verizon, CenturyLink (Qwest), & Frontier. The best thing about Netgear AC1600 it comes with a dual-mode Router with a built-in modem feature so you can use it with any internet line. However, if you looking for a modem router combo then the Netgear ac1600 wifi vdsl ADSL modem router will be the best option with a dual-band high-speed wireless network.

In this article, you will get a simple Netgear d6400 manual step by step to login Netgear ac1600 wifi VDSL/ADSL modem router setup for DSL line or fiber broadband internet connections. You can access Netgear Wifi Modem router either wired physical connection or wireless connection from Wifi-enabled devices such as Mobile, laptop or computer. As the Netgear d6400 firmware and other Netgear router modem combo devices have the same Netgear genie software so you can use this user guide to login and set up other wifi modem combo devices also. Netgear D6400 Modem Router device also required default login IP address, username, and password to login setting control panel for first time configuration or post configuration to update Wireless name password and other security settings.

Netgear d6400 Default Login Settings

Default login credential such as login IP address, login URL, username, password and default Wifi SSID and security key always printed to modem sticker and also available on quick user manual comes with the device for first time.

Netgear AC1600 Default Login URLhttp://routerlogin.net, http://routerlogin.com

Default Login IP-

Default Login username– admin

Default login Password – password

Find router login details printed on your router label and proceed to log in and setup.


Steps to Login Netgear Ac1600 Wifi Vdsl/Adsl Modem Router

You required to connect your Netgear Modem router combo device either a wired physical or wireless connection to the login web interface for the first time.

  • Turn On router-modem with DC adapter included with the box
  • For Wireless connection check the default SSID and Password in router sticker and connect your laptop or mobile.
  • For wired LAN connection use LAN cable to router Ethernet port (yellow) to computer /Laptop LAN port
  • Go to Computer LAN IP settings and Make sure it is configured in DHCP mode or Use IP to access
  • Once all connections ready proceed to access the router.


Access router Settings to browser

Open web browser and access or http://routerlogin.net or http://routerlogin.com to open router settings.

Use “admin” as the default username and “password” as the default password for the Netgear WiFI modem combo and other models.

After login you can configure internet settings for a DSL line, WAN port if Fiber OLT modem internet line as per the internet type.

Configure Wireless SSID and Password


Update Wireless Network name and Security key is important to protect WiFi internet from unauthorized access. Netgear ac1600 DSL modem router is dual-band wireless so you have to change SSID and Key for 2.4G and 5G bands.

Once you logged into the router control panel you will get the Basic and Advanced settings tab.

Go to Basic- Wireless option

Region Selection- Choose your country first.

Wireless Network 2.4G(B/G/N)

Name SSID- NETGEAR47 (change this name to a new wifi name as per your choice)

Channel – Auto

Security Option- WPA2PSK

Passphrase– grandbird19 (Change this Netgear default WIFI password with a new stronger WiFI password)

Wireless Network 5G(a/n/ac)

Name SSID- NETGEAR47-5G (change this name to new wifi name for 5GHz network as per your choice)

Channel – 44 (you can use any other channel as per regulation of your country)

Security Option– WPA2PSK

Passphrase– Create new WiFi password 5Ghz band.

ac1600 wifi vdsl/adsl modem router


After all wireless configurations press Apply button to save changes.

You may disconnect from the router if using a wireless connection login Netgear Modem router.

Change Netgear Ac1600 Wifi Vdsl/Adsl Login Password

Also, change the default admin login password for your modem during the first-time configuration to prevent the web interface from accessible from the user connected to Wifi or wired internet.

Basic- Administration

Set Password

Old Password– password (default)

Set Password– Create a new login password. avoid using a common password that easy to guess.

Repeater New Password – type new password again

Enable password Recovery- you can enable this option to recover forgotten passwords for the Netgear modem router for the future.

netgear ac1600 modem router

Press Apply button save settings

You can also enable security features to enhance wireless protection on your wifi routers such as Enable Mac access list, parental control, bandwidth control, and many other features that secure your data and device.

If you are facing a login issue with the Netgear modem router or routerlogin.net not working while accessing from a browser you may reset the modem and setup again from fresh.

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