Netgear Nighthawk AC2100 Login and Setup [R7200]

Netgear Nighthawk Ac2100 Login and Setup

Netgear Nighthawk a popular wireless model series that provides a dual-band wifi network with a high-speed internet experience for gaming and live streaming. There re many Nighthawk AC series dual-band and Tri-band wireless router from Netgear that comes from AC750Mbps, AC1200, AC1750, Nighthawk AC1900, and many others. Although login manual for Netgear nighthawk AC2100 dual-band router setup and other nighthawk router setup similar so you can login and configure Nighthawk router or any other nighthawk model any model using this user guide.

There are two ways to configure Nighthawk router either using Nighthawk mobile apps and from a computer/laptop using the wired or wireless connection. Login Nighthawk AC2100 router bit simple and faster way using nighthawk mobile apps using a simple setup wizard. Settings up wifi router first time or later both need to set up in proper way and must be changed all default settings such as WiFI name, password to secure internet connection. Unbox Netgear Nighthawk R7200 AC2100 broadband wireless router and follow step by step to configuration first time with your internet connections.

Login Netgear Nighthawk AC2100 Dual-band router

Before proceeding to login steps you must get the default login IP address username and password for the router that usually printed to the router sticker.

Find Nighthawk model number, login username, and password, and login URL printed to router sticker.

Nighthawk AC2100 default login IP Address-

Login URL-

Default Login username– admin

Default Login Password- need to Create during first-time login.

Physical or Wireless Connection with AC2100

Netgear Nighthawk AC2100 is a broadband router that does not support DSL or coaxial connection so if you have already installed a cable modem or ADSL modem you can add a Netgear AC2100 wifi router to turn your wired internet into highspeed wifi internet. Follow the connection diagram for Nighthawk dual-band router as followed given below.

  • Connect Internet cable coming from the Cable modem, DSL Modem or from internet service provider to Nighthawk Router WAN port.
  • Connect PC/Laptop to Ac2100 Ethernet port for a wired connection or use default Nighthawk SSID and PAssword printed to sticker for WiFI connection.
  • Go to Windows/Mac or Linux IP address settings and make sure it is in DHCP mode to get IP from the Netgear router.
  • You can also use the WPS button to connect your PC/mobile If support WPS.

netgear nighthawk ac2100 smart wifi router connection

After connection with the router next step is to access the router IP or URL to the web browser.

Login Nighthawk AC2100 Dual-band router to a web browser

Open a web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and access or to access the login page.

For first-time access routers create a log-in password as per your choice and if already configured a password uses the same.

admin as username and password you specified during the first login. Select top corner language as per your country support or you want to use.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC2100 Smart Wi-Fi Router

After successful login to nighthawk wireless router now first setup WAN port for internet connection type from DHCP, Static, or PPPoE internet type.

Set up internet Settings

Go to Setup- Internet Setup

If you are a non-tech person you can use the setup wizard to configure the Nightwahk AC2100 WiFI router step by step. The other option is to setup settings manually one by one from the internet, WiFI, LAN, and others.

There are three types of internet connection mostly used by ISP.

PPPoE – If your internet type PPPoE then choose the option “does your internet connection required login” and choose Yes option and provide the PPPoE username and Password provided by ISP.

Static IP- if your internet provides Static IP, Default Gateway and DNS detail use the Static IP address option and provide details.

Dynamic IP address– For dynamic internet type router will automatically get IP address details from the DHCP server so nothing to do with this option.

Save settings and check the internet led light that should start glowing in the router.

After internet settings configure Wireless name and Password settings.

Change Default WIFI SSID and Password

Go to the Wireless option from the home menu.

Select region from the list.

Network Name (SSID)- Create a new WiFi name for your nighthawk.

Select Channel settings from the channel list and pick 1,6, 11 for the 2.4 GHz wireless band.

Drag the page below and set up the wireless security key.

You will get 2.4G and 5Ghz in both bands. Configure the Wireless name and password for each one by one.

Wireless Security- WPA2-PSK_AES

Password– Nighthawk-wifi-password (create a password as per your choice).

netgear nighthawk ac2100 not connecting to internet

Apply and save settings and if you are using a WIFI connection you will disconnect from wifi. Connect again with the new wifi name and password to set up more settings.

Change Default LAN IP address

If you are using any other router or network device with 192.168..1.1 default IP address so you have to change the Netgear router IP to different series or different unique IP addresses to avoid IP conflict issues.

Go to Setup- LAN Setup

LAN IP – (change this IP address to different series or the same series but free IP address that not already used in the same network.)

Apply to save settings and wait to reboot the router. Access router with new change IP address again for further configurations.

If you are facing any login issue or or IP address not working with your nighthawk router you can make router to factory reset using the reset button and set up again with fresh settings.

This is the basic configuration for Netgear nighthawk R7200 ac2100 smart wifi router that should be done before using to live network to avoid any misuse of the internet.

Apart from the basic configure nighthawk router, you can enable a Mac access list or Guest WIFI network to enable an extra security layer to your Wi-Fi network. To prevent visiting the harmful website you can enable parental control or content filtering to allow or deny specific websites you want to access in your network.

In other settings, you can setup Port forwarding, QoS settings to manage internet connection with multiple users as a priority base, and do not forget to download configuration backup after finish router setup.

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