Netgear Router Lights on but No Internet [SOLVED]

Netgear Router Lights on but No Internet | How to fix

How to fix if Netgear router lights on but no internet on mobile as well as in wired desktop or laptop. To fix the internet light on but no internet problem must be understood about LED light flashing indications that diagnose the issue coming in the router. If your internet suddenly stops working and you notice that the Netgear router globe led light flashing red or not stable then it seems there Is an issue on either the ISP side or something wrong with internet cable connections.

Netgear Light on but no internet subject to troubleshooting step to step from the physical cable connection to router software. No internet problem can come due to ISP back down, Internet connection between router or ISP switch damaged or unplugged, Router got hanged due to running continuously for a longer time, firmware outdated or router breakdown. These are all possibilities if you notice Netgear router lights on but no internet can fix using troubleshooting above possible error step by step. Netgear router lights on but no internet n600, as well as wndr3400 or any other single band or dual band Netgear router, can fix using this troubleshooting guide so keep reading if you have any Netgear router.

Reason Of Netgear Router No Internet but Lights ON

Facing Netgear modem No internet problem even router lights on is a common problem and comes with any brand router because it depends on a few reasons that you should understand to fix no internet problems.

  • Internet is Down from ISP Side.
  • WAN cable or Fiber Cable Unplugged or Damaged (cable depends on your router type i.e.. Docsis cable modem, Fiber Router, VDLS/DSL Modem, or Normal Router.
  • The router Hanged due to running continuously for a longer time.
  • Router/ Modem Firmware Out-Dated.
  • Router / Modem Damaged

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Netgear Lights ON but No Internet Solutions

Once you understand the reason behind the internet issue with your router then you can fix the problem using a few troubleshooting steps by yourself without calling Netgear customer care.

Problem – Internet Down from ISP Server Side

Solutions:  To confirm if the Internet is down from the internet service provider side, just contact customer care and ask if there is any service outage in your location that reason your Internet connection is down even router lights are still on and flashing green. If there is no service outage problem from the internet provider’s side then proceed to the next solution.

Problem – WAN Cable Connection Loose or Unplugged

Solutions:  WAN cable can be verified by visually so check if your internet cable is properly connected to the router WAN port as well as check the Cox wall socket if Cox cable is properly plugged if the Docsis modem, for DSL modem check the DSL line is plugged to splitter and socket you use. You can unplug and plug the cable again to confirm if all connections are properly tight. Restart the Netgear router and wait a few minutes if no internet issue is solved.

Problem- Router Hanged due to continue running for a longer time

Solutions: The router is an Electric power Device so it needs to refresh after several times duration to cool down. If you continue using the router for many months without making it power cycle and turn off a few minutes to make it cool down then the router can freeze and you will face no internet problems.

Turn Off the power adapter from the power socket or unplug adapter DC socket from the adapter and let it turn off for at least 15 minutes Turn ON it again and check the internet should start work if the problem comes due to a router hanging issue.

You can Factory Reset the Netgear router and set up it again so that any problem that comes due to any bugs will be fixed after factory resetting the router.

Router / Modem Firmware Running Outdated

Solutions: Sometime router is not able to automatically upgrade firmware due to any reason and its keeps running on the same outdated firmware which can be a reason for No internet but lights on.

If your router not getting an auto upgrade to the latest firmware, you can do it manually using the below steps.

Visit the Netgear Support site and download your router firmware as a supported model. Find your router model and the version printed to the router sticker as well as the check-in status page after login router from a web browser.

  • Connect your router using a LAN cable from the router’s Ethernet port.
  • Open a web browser and access Netgear login IP or192.168.0.1 depending on the router model number.
  • Go To Advanced- Administration
  • Administration- Router Update
  • Browse- Locate and select the upgrade file on your hard disk.
  • Press the Upload button and wait a few minutes until the router upgrades to the latest firmware version.
  • After firmware up-gradation is finished check for internet status should start browsing and the problem should fix.

Modem and router have all green lights but no internet

 Problem- Router / Modem Not Working or Break down

Solutions: If you have tried all the above steps but are still problem not getting fix seems there is a problem with the router so it needs to be replaced with the new router. You can buy a new router yourself or contact your internet provider to replace your router as per your internet plan agreements. Before replacing the router just download internet configuration settings to upload in the new router to make it set up again and no manual configuration is required.

Final Words

Most of the routers have no internet fix if the led light flashes but still facing internet issues using the above troubleshooting steps. If you are not able to follow the above steps or the above solution not working for your Netgear router then just contact your internet providers to arrange an Engineer site visit to fix your internet issue. You can also drop a mail if you facing any issues with your internet connection frequently and not getting stable solutions.