Netgear Router Not Getting Full Speed

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Quick Step to Fix Netgear Router Not Getting Full Speed

Not getting full speed in Netgear Router and the same problem with single-band and dual-band Netgear router faced by a lot of users. There are many reasons while not getting proper internet speed using Netgear WiFi or any other routers. If your internet plan is high speed but the router not giving full speed as compared to internet speed then you should fix the speed issue step to step from ISP cable to Netgear router.  In this article, you will fix speed issues either facing Netgear Dual-band as well as Netgear Nighthawk wifi 6 high-speed router.

Netgear Router not getting full speed from WiFi

If you report slow speed while connecting to the Netgear Wireless network and are not satisfied with the speed you may follow steps to fix the slow speed issue.

  • Use a LAN cable connect to the Netgear LAN port and connect to the PC/laptop and check the speed if getting proper in a wired connection.
  • If getting full internet speed in wired but not getting the same speed in Wireless then you have to check Wireless configurations.
  • Login to your Netgear router using the username password as printed on the sticker or if you already changed use the same.
  • Go to Wireless Settings and choose network bands 2.4GHz and 5.8Ghz one by one if the router is dual-band.
  • Change Wireless Bandwidth 20/40 for 2.4GHz and 20/40/80 for 5Ghz to increase Wifi bandwidth limit.
  • Also, change the channel number for 2.4G and 5.8G as per the low interference frequency in your area.
  • Save settings and check speed should increase as before.

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Not Getting Full Gigabit Speeds with R7000 Router

If your Netgear router support gigabit Ethernet and 11ac wireless speed but do not get more than 100mbps speed in wired and wireless then follow the steps to fix it.

  • Check the cable coming from the internet from the Modem or internet provider side connected to 1Gbps connection speed. Plug cable to Pc/laptop with Gigabit Ethernet to confirm cable connected with 1000mbps speed. If your router is connected to 100mbps connection speed instead of 1Gb then you face the router not giving full speed as per plan.
  • If you are getting 1Gbps connection speed but not getting speed in the router then change the cable connecter and check again if speed is connected to Gpbs.
  • If getting Internet high speed in Wireless but not wired from an Ethernet port then make sure you are using a 4pair cat6 cable instead of using a 2pair or cat5 LAN cable.
  • If Netgear router is connected to the Cable modem or any other network switch make sure the port provides Gigabit speed or change the Ethernet cable connected to the Netgear router. Login Netgear WiFi Router

If you still facing speed issues and physically wired connection properly you may upgrade your router with the latest Netgear firmware available on the official website. If the router is already updated with the latest firmware then you can make the router factory reset using the reset button and setup again from the start. Making a router reset will remove all configurations if there is any restriction configured for wired or wireless users.


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