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How to  Return Optimum Equipment Without Efforts Lot

Have you surrendered the Optimum internet connection and now looking Optimum equipment return store near you or instructions to return Optimum equipment without struggling much? If you thinking to return optimum equipment in person by visiting a nearby optimum store but are unable to locate the Optimum store near your location then this return guide will explain all ways to return the Optimum Equipment box without physically visiting to Optimum store or support center.

You probably want to send back Optimum Cable box or any other accessories when you are not happy with the service, want to upgrade the router with the new router, you bought your own cable modem, or you relocated to any other location where Optimum service is not available.  This guide will explain all the ways to return Optimum device with a complete process without pain and effortless process.

Reason for Returning Optimum Equipment

Equipment Return Instructions

The reason for returning Optimum modem to the service provider might be different but the process of returning the device will be the same for all.

Cancel Optimum Service

You can send back Optimum device if you cancel service due to any reason and you want to refund your security deposit and stop further billing for the same.

Upgrade Internet Plan

Upgrading the internet plan is also required to replace the router or modem with the latest upgraded speed so you must hand over your existing Optimum equipment to the service provider.

Downgrade Internet Plan

Another reason to replace Optimum or ship to the service provider is when you want to downgrade your internet plan after knowing your less internet requirement.

Shifted to new Location

You can also return to get the refund of your optimum device if you relocated to another location where Optimum service is not available and the product is useless for you. You have to submit a return request within 30 days to avoid being charged in the final bill after cancellation service.

how to return optimum equipment without effort?

Do you want to return Optimum equipment without any pain then you must follow a simple process to return your optimum devices. If you thinking about “where to return optimum equipment” after the cancellation of your Optimum service.

Step 1-  Pack your Optimum Equipment

The first step toward returning the Optimum product is to disconnect it from the internet and get all the cable, adapter, and other accessories connected to the Optimum device.  Take a box and properly pack all accessories and close the box properly.

Steps 2- Get Return Box Label

The next step is to get the label and print it to paste over the box for returning purposes.

To get your label visit here and fill up the form with your name, email, contact details complete address, and other information as asked in the form.

Press the box “Get Label” button to print your return Label.

Steps 3- Paste Return Label to Box

Take label print and paste to each box that you packed for return optimum equipment. Do not forget to remove any old labels that have already been pasted to the box.

Step 4- Drop off Box to Optimum Return Location

You have to drop off your shipping box to Optimum shipping location for a return of your equipment within 30 days. There are few authorized return locations you can use as per your nearest location those are given below. you can also visit Optimum website to check Optimum store near me after enabling your location.

  • FedEx Office
  • Walgreens
  • authorize FedEx location

Do not forget to take a return receipt after handing over your optimum return box to ensure confirmation of your box delivery.

These are simple steps to return your Optimum Cable box, WiFi modem, CCTV, Apply TV or any other services that Optimum provided you during your active subscription.

Also, follow the FAQ section to clear any doubt about the return process for Optimum Equipment.

Optimum Return Process Frequently Asked Question

If you have any doubts or questions about the return process just go through the below question answer to get your answer.

where can I return optimum equipment?

You can drop the Optimum Return box at the nearest FedEx office or Authorized FedEx location with proper packing and return label pasted.

what happens if you don’t return optimum equipment?

If you keep optimum equipment after cancellation service then optimum may be charged to you for the device you kept after disconnecting the internet. All Equipment should return to optimum within 30 days to avoid any fee on final bills.

Can we drop Equipment to Optimum Stores?

As for now optimum does not disclose that they have authorized stores to take returned equipment so do not drop off any equipment at Optimum stores. Better to drop off it to the FedEx office or any Authorized FedEx location,

Does Optimum Pickup equipment from your Location?

Unfortunately optimum does not provide any pickup facility for return equipment as of now. So it’s not possible to pick up box from your location itself.

What is the max time period for returning Optimum Equipment?

Optimum gives you a max of 30 days after the end of service to return your all optimum equipment to their authorized offices to avoid any charges on your final bills.


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