Orbi flashing white light | How to Fix

How to Fix Orbi flashing white light

I’m trying to get my Orbis flashing white and it won’t work!

When you receive notifications on your modems and the lights on your network router start to blink white, it can be a little intimidating. Thankfully, it’s not always an indication of a major problem.

It’s frustrating when you’re not able to get your Netgear Orbis flashing white, so here are some things to try. First, make sure that you’re running the latest version of the Orbis app. If that doesn’t work, restart your Orbis and try again. If that still doesn’t work, power it off and back on again. If you still can’t get your Orbis flashing white, try resetting it by holding the power button until you see the power off prompt.

Orbi Flashing White Light: Meaning

Whenever you notice the Netgear orbi ring light pulsing white it is an indication of the booting or syncing process going or the sync button that might be pressed so the Orbi router trying to sync with the Orbi satellite. To fix Orbi blinking white light needs to understand the meaning of orbi white light flashing continuously.

Although Orbi flashing white light indication of booting and syncing, if it remains long-lasting continuously then it indicates an error on the Orbi network that needs troubleshooting to solve white light flashing in Orbi. Follow the below troubleshooting steps to fix orbee light flashing white continuously.

Reboot or restart Orbi Network

Orbi White light flashing might be due to trying syncing with gateway and due to some issue, it’s unable to complete syncing with satellites. You can just restart orbi network using the power cycle or turn off all networks for a few minutes and turn on it back. Check if all Orbi routers connected with the satellite will stop blinking white light after a few seconds. If the White light still flashing then you should go next steps to fix it.

 Change Orbi Backhaul Network Password

Orbi Backhaul basically a wifi security key used to connect Orbi router to Orbi satellite device as mesh backend networks. Getting white light blinking issue might wrong backhaul password or unable to sync with satellite.

Login to Orbi Web interface using browser or mobile apps.

You need to access Orbi satellite web interface to change the backhaul password.

You can either use Orbi apps to access settings or open router gateway IP or URL http://orbilogin.com  from the browser use “admin” username and “password” for the password to enter into settings.

Go to Basic Home Page and click on the Advanced option tab

Advanced- Wireless Settings

You find the “Backhaul Password” option. Click generate a new backhaul password or use your own provided password.

After changing the new backhaul password sync satellite and orbi router again with a new password that might fix the white flashing problem.

Update Orbi Firmware Online or Online

Routers are an essential part of any home network. They’re what allows all of your devices to access the internet. While most routers are set to automatically update themselves, it may still be necessary to manually update your router. When your router starts blinking white, this may be a sign that it needs to be updated.

Upgrading firmware with the latest release help to fix a lot of bugs and connectivity issue. You can upgrade Orbi firmware online and offline both ways. The online method is a bit simple and easy because it gets updated from the server itself but the offline upgrade is a manual process that needs to download a firmware file from Orbi’s official support website with the supported model number and upload it to Orbi firmware using the web interface.

Upgrading firmware is a bit easy and simple with Orbi mobile apps.

Download Orbi apps for Android or iPhone and follow the steps to update.

Open the Orbi app on android or iPhone.

Enter your router’s admin password as printed to the router sticker or if you changed the admin password use the same and tap SIGN IN.

From the dashboard displays, In the top-left corner, tap the Menu icon.

Select Settings > Router Settings.

Scroll down and tap Check for Updates. If you see the Update Firmware option on your router it means your router has new firmware available. Press the update firmware option and follow further instructions to finish updating Orbi router firmware.

If your orbi is already updated with the latest firmware then you will get a notification that “your orbi is up to date” and you don’t need to update the firmware.

orbi light flashing white

If your Netgear Orbi firmware is updated but still flashing white light continually then you can factory reset the Orbi router to setup it up again with fresh configurations.

Factory Reset Orbi Router

If you fade up with troubleshooting and do not understand what’s wrong with configuration or network problem that orbi blinking white light for a longer time then reset orbi may work for you. Factory resetting Orbi gateway and router is a simple step using the Reset button available on the router. To execute the reset command Orbi device should be turned ON and have to follow a few steps to start the reset process.

  • Power ON your Orbi router and wait a few seconds to let it boot up properly.
  • Locate a small reset hole or button nearby the Ethernet port or beside the power socket.
  • Use a needle or any clip to press the reset button.
  • Press and hold Orbi reset button until Power LED light starts blinking Amber (orbi light blinking orange). Orbi starts blinking orange means the reset process started.
  • After completing Orbi router reset process repeat the same steps for the Orbi satellite and other Orbi until and sync the Orbi network again with fresh configurations.

factory reset orbi

After restoring the Orbi router to default mode you need to set it up again with Orbi satellite and Orbi router device configuration and sync Orbi network again to work with your whole ho,e wifi internet.

Final Words

Hopefully, all the above solutions helped you to fix Orbi’s white blinking for a long time and you get rid of the white light flashing problem. If any of the above solutions didn’t work well for you and still you facing a light blinking problem then feel free to contact Netgear contact support or the Internet service provider you are using service or also can raid query on the Netgear forum or support center to fix your Orbi router problem. Some time Orbi router might need to be repaired and the White light flashes due to hardware problems that need to visit the service center or replace the orbi router with the new one.

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