Cox Panoramic Router Login And Activation

Cox Panoramic Router Login And Setup

Cox a big leading service provider in internet and voice-over coaxial cable to home and commercial users. Cox panoramic wireless router with a modem the latest high-speed wireless router that provides you seamless connectivity and turns mesh technology to whole-home wifi without laying internet cable. Setup first-time panoramic router needs to connect coaxial cable and access cox router settings toward activating and configure. Cox Panoramic is a complete inbuilt Cox modem router as well as high-speed wireless that not need to add a separate wireless router. The panoramic router comes with a single and a complete Whole-home WiFi kit that turns your home into a WiFi zone without connecting the physical cable from the Cox modem. Follow the steps to Activate and configure your Panoramic WiFI router.

Activate Cox Panoramic router

A simple and easy method to activate Cox internet to your Cox panoramic router from CoX official website using the phone number or account ID. Follow steps to connection and activation of Cox Panoramic Modem Router.

1:Unbox Router and Connect Cox port to wall cox cable outlet socket to get internet.

2:  plug into the power socket and turn one.

3;  Wait for 20 minutes until the panoramic router green light blinks that takes a few minutes to stable.

4- Visit  and use account id, the cox user ID, or phone number as provided for internet connection and start the activation process.

cox panoramic router login

5- proceed with further instruction and provider detail to finish the activation process. After activating the internet connection you can configure the Wireless name and password to make it more secure.

How to Login Cox Panoramic router to Update Name and Password

After activating cox panoramic router your internet should start work but it’s important to update the wireless SSID and password to secure the wifi network. Follow steps for Cox Panoramic Router login and access wireless settings.

  • Connect your mobile, Laptop using the default WIFI name or password as printed to the router sticker or use a wired LAN connection from modem Ethernet to PC.
  • Open a web browser and access Or use the default login IP address or as printed to sticker.
  • Note: default login IP address can different as per different brand modem those are compatible with Cox internet.
  • Provide default cox gateway login username and password as credentials of your panoramic router or use “admin” for username passwords that work with most of the brands.
  • Go to Wireless settings and update Wireless SSID network name for WiFI name and Wireless security for password.
  • Also do not forget to update the panoramic router admin login password during first-time configurations that also protect your router access from a user connected to wifi or wired.

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How to change the cox Login password?

  • To change login password visit cox homepage.
  • Login to your Cox account using username and password as set up before for panoramic router.
  • Go to the account section option from the dashboard and press update password options.
  • The password, the section provides the old password and creates a new password by providing password confirmation again.
  • Save settings and remember the new login password for your cox account.

If you are planning to set up an old cox modem router and not sure where to start then first you have to make the router to default mode and start from fresh.

How to Factory Reset Cox Panoramic Router?

You can factory reset Cox panoramic router if unable to access, internet activation failed, or forget login username and password.

  • Connect the power cord to the cox router backside power socket and plug to the power socket on the wall and power on it.
  • Wait a few minutes until the panoramic modem router boot up properly.
  • Find a small reset option beside the power socket and below the Cox connector.
  • Use a needle, paper clip to press the reset button.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 15-20 seconds and the monitor led light will turn off and turn on again.
  • Cox panoramic router will automatically reboot after executing the reset command and will restore into default mode.

cox router ip address

This is a simple user guide to setup Cox Panoramic router modem for the first time and re-setup or updates wireless password, SSID, Port forwarding, block WiFI user, connecting multiple panoramic wifi routers to the same modem using mesh and block website, and enable parental control to secure your kids’ internet browsing that lot of feature you get with panoramic Wireless router modem.


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