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How To Reset Sky Q Box | Quick User guide

How To Reset Sky Q Box Quick Guide

You are reading this user guide about how to reset Sky q box seems you are facing a problem with your Sky HD q Box or Sky mini box. Probably set up box running nonstop for many years start getting some issue and might be unstable or stuck at sky Q logo. Sky Q Box light and Sky Q box HD anyone gives you entertainment by playing many movies and your favorite serials until it works pretty well. Sky Q box stop working or getting stuck with the Logo as well as suddenly restarting are some common problems can face by any user and it’s hard to predict while doing the installation.

Sometimes rebooting Sky Q box fix the problem while it’s not a bug that needs technical support or upgrades but it’s really irritating when the problem still persists and comes back frequently after a certain period. If you feel it’s a serious problem with your Sky Q box then using a resetting sky Q box you can fix it yourself without replacing the Q box. There are three different ways to reset the Sky Q box using a remote or reset Q box without a remote. Follow the steps to factory reset the Sky Q box using simple steps.

Before Making Sky Box Reset Make sure other things working perfectly. Follow the steps below.

  • Check Remote – check if the remote is working or replace it with a new battery to confirm the problem not coming due to a weak battery or a bad remote.
  • Sky Q box Ventilation– Make sure you are Sky box not covered under any box that makes it heat and due to overheating it’s getting stuck or misbehaving. Try set the box in an open good ventilation space and check
  • Reboot Set-up box– before resetting Q box try rebooting and observe if the problem persists again or is fixed after rebooting.

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Reset mode of Sky Q Factory Reset

There are three different modes for Sky Q box resetting and should try to reduce minimum data and losses.

1: Reset Settings – Reset settings mode will only remove Set up box settings and will restore to factory state. The Remote also needs to be re-pair again after resetting settings.

2: Reset Hard Drive– Reset hard drive means will erase all downloaded movies, serial, and saved data by the user but this will not reset Sky Q box settings. After using this option your sky qbox HDD will format and all stored data will delete.

3: Factory Reset- This mode will be deleted everything including downloaded movies, and serials as well as box configuration settings, and restore to factory mode.

Steps to Factory Reset Sky Q Box

You can use reset mode one by to confirm if your Sky box still getting issues and follow the reset method one by one. Take the remote in hand and follow the steps to the default Sky Q  cable box to fix the problem.

  • Press the Home button on the Remote
  • Scroll Down to settings (Don’t press Select)
  • Press “001” on the remote.
  • Now press the select button on the remote.
  • Sky Q Factory Reset option will open.
  • Skye Q service menu will load to the screen.
  • Press down the key to select “reset” and press right to enter the menu.
  • You will get 3 reset options as described above.
  • Reset settings, Reset the Hard drive, and Factory Reset.
  • Choose the reset mode and press the select button to execute the reset method.

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After pressing the select button box will auto restart or you can manually restart the cable box to start fresh.

Factory Reset Sky Cable Box without Remote

You can reset your Sky Q box without a remote if it’s not turning on, Stuck at the sky logo, as well as the Sky Q box failed to update or failed to load. You do not require to turn on Sky Box to reset to default mode.

Follow the steps to reset the sky Q box without a remote.

  • Turn On your Sky cable box and wait until the sky turns green.
  • Locate a small reset button beside the Ethernet ports.
  • Press the reset button using a needle or pin.
  • Press the reset button for at least 30 seconds and see all four lights on the front will turn on then the release button.
  • Skybox will reset to factory default settings. All cable box settings, hard disk downloaded movies, and other information will be deleted.

 How to Reset Sky Q Box Without Remote 2021


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