Rollo Printer Not Printing [SOLVED]

Fix Rollo printer not printing Troubleshooting & Setup


Rollo is a commercial-grade thermal printer used to print ship labels and marketing stuff. Rollo, a thermal printer to make shipping labels, and product labeling with barcodes without toner and ink. While settings up Rollo printer the first time you required ribbon, and label as you want to print size, and ribbon and label should be installed properly to avoid any error in Rollo printer during printing. Improper lable installation will get many types of errors such as Rollo thermal printer not printing continually, Rollo printer not printing dark enough, label not printing properly, printing outside margin, etc. If you set up Rollo printer and facing any printer errors or the Rollo printer not printing properly or printing blank just follow the steps below to fix problems.  Before fixing the Rollo printing problem follow the setup and installation guide for proper installation that will automatically mix most of the problems.

How to Setup Rollo Thermal Printer

The best way to fix the Rollo printer problem is just to install it correctly and avoid all errors and misconfiguration that can be reasons for printing problems. You need to connect the USB cable, Power cable, and installation of the driver on Windows or Mac PC whatever you are using. Follow the steps below.

  • Unbox Rollo printer and get a USB cable and power adaptor that comes with printer accessories.
  • Plug the Adapter DC socket into the Printer and connect the power plug to the AC Power wall socket.
  • Plug the USB cable to the printer and another side to the PC/Laptop.
  • Turn On the printer using the power button and the Windows/ Mac PC will start searching for the Rollo printer driver.
  • Follow steps to install the Rollo printer driver on Windows or Mac laptops one by one.

rollo printer blinking red

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Rollo Printer Driver installation on Windows

You need to download the Rollo driver from Rollo’s official website. Avoid using drivers from a third-party site.

Visit Rollo Website –

Download Windows Driver for Rollo printer.

Save the driver zip file to drive. Unzip the windows driver to a folder.

Double click on Driver “RolloPrinter_Drivers_Win_1.4.5.exe”

Select Language on the first window and click the next button to continue driver installations.

After finishing the installation setup wizard goes to the printer and devices from the control panel and sets custom label size on printing preference.

If you have Mac OS Laptop or desktop just follow the steps below for driver installation.

Rollo Printer Driver installation on Mac PC

Driver installation on Mac OS is different than Windows so follow the steps below.

Visit the Rollo printer site and download Mac Driver.

Click on driver “RolloPrinter_V1.4pkg”

You will get a popup window with a continue button.

Press the Continue button to Rollo driver installation to Mac printer drivers.

Press the Install button and provide the system admin password and press install software.

Go to System preference and click Printer & scanners option.

Press the Plus (+) button to add a new printer.

Select Printer Thermal printer and Select Software – “Rollo Printer”

Finish Rollo setup and go to printing preference to add custom size label for different size label printing.

After completing Rollo driver installation now the printer is ready to print. Just insert label and try sample label to confirm setup and installation are properly done. If you getting an error while printing from the Rollo printer just follow Rollo troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

Rollo Printer Not Printing Troubleshooting

There are many different types of error can come if there is any problem with installation during Rollo setup.

Problem- My Rollo Printer does not Turn ON

If your printer not turning on just cross-check the things to fix the power problem before visiting to repair center.

  • Check if the Power cable is properly plugged to the printer side fully inserted and power socket.
  • Make sure the Power Wall socket working power connection.
  • Replace power cord connected to the Rollo adapter to the Power socket.
  • Try the power button to turn on and turn off again.
  • Replace Rollo Adapter with a new one and check if the printer starts working.
  • If still facing a problem you need to contact Rollo support centers to fix the power issue or may repair required.

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Problem: Rollo Printer Red Light Flashing

Rollo light flashing most likely need to re-learn and calibrate labels.

Make sure multiple labels are available on the Rollo printer.

Press and hold the top circular button on Rollo to run the automatic label identification until you hear a beep sound.

If still red light remains just turn off the printer and turn on again to calibrate again.


Problem: Rollo Keeps beeping

Rollo keeps beeping seems using an invalid power source or an unsupported type power adapter. Just use Rollo’s original power adapter to fix beeping problems and avoid damaging the printer due to the wrong power adapter.

Problem: Nothing happens with I try to print on Rollo printer

Nothing happened seems the printer not getting any commands due to the driver not being installed, or the printer not being selected while giving commands.

  • Go to control panel- printer and scanner option and make sure Rollo printer showing Active and set as default to auto select while printing labels.
  • Make sure the USB cable is properly connected and it’s in working connections. You can try to replace the new USB cable and try printing again.


Problem: Rollo printing blank labels

If your Rollo printer prints a blank label, most likely the label is wrongly placed so make sure the label is loaded in proper and peal offside should toward the ceiling. The label also should be a “Direct Thermal” label to print with Rollo thermal printer.

Problem: Rollo is skipping labels or continuously feeding

If facing label skipping issue with Rollo printer and while giving multiple copies print command. Follow steps to fix Rollo skipping labels.

  • Rollo does not learn to label properly so try to re-learn the label again to calibrate it properly. Please re-run the automatic label identification so Rollo can learn the label again.
  • Make sure the printer sends the print command to Rollo and check the USB cable is properly plugged on both side printer and computer side. Just press and hold the top circular button on Rollo until you hear one beep.
  • Check if label size properly selects to “Printing preference to print properly and avoid skipping label due to the wrong printing paper size selected.

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Problem: Printer label getting stuck or only printing half and stops

Label getting stuck may be due to your print density is set too high for your label. Just set your print speed to “4” and density to “2” and try your print again. If your label is too light now, increase the density by 1.

These are some common Rollo printing problems comes due to many reasons. You can fix it by proper installation and selecting the correct label size and setup.

Rollo Printer Review

Rollo Thermal printer best portable small-size printer for printing shipping labels, product labels with barcodes,s and other labeling purposes. It does not require any ink or toner to print the label. Installation and setup is a simple and DIY process to start label printing immediately without struggling a lot with installation driver and label setup.


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