STC Router Login Complete User Guide 

STC Router Login and Setup First time

 STC a Saudi Arabia-based telecom company that provides mobile internet service to end users. STC used different manufacturing routers such as D-Link, Huawei, and Alcatel to deliver internet service. STC Router login required for first-time router configuration as well as changing wireless name and password and set up other security features to add on security layer in your networks. Although STC router login details are printed on the router sticker as well as a quick user guide is included with the box during first-time purchase. You can use a wired or wireless connection to access the STC router web interface for configuration. 

Changing STC Modem passwords as well as STC router passwords both are the same steps so if you have an STC modem or router you can follow this login guide. The Default STC login IP address is for most manufacturer-powered routers and modems that you can also confirm printed to the router sticker. You need to know the default login IP address and username password for STC routers as given below. 

Default Login Credential for STC Modem / Routers 

 STC used different manufacturer modem and router that depends on the model number so every brand’s login IP address might be different for STC device so if you don’t get your STC router model number details just try below login details. 

 How to Find Router login IP Address ?

Dlink DSL-G2452GE  admin  Check modem label 
DZS-ZNID 2428 B1  admin  Check modem label 
Huawei ONT HG8245Q  telecomadmin   admintelecom 
E5577 MBB MyFi  admin  admin 
I-240W-A ONT  Admin  admin 

 There are things that you need to know before trying to log in STC Fiber modem or normal router from a web interface using a mobile or a desktop. You need a connection with STC ONT, STC DSL, or VDSL modem, As well as an STC wifi router login for setup or updating configurations. 

How to Login to STC Router and Modem Settings? 

 Login STC Modem or router steps are similar to that required to connect devices from Ethernets or using wireless to access settings from a browser. 

  •  Connect STC Router/ Modem/ Fiber ONT to DC adapter as comes with device and power ON it. 
  • Use LAN cable from STC Ethernet port to desktop/laptop Ethernet port for Wired connection. 
  • Use SSID and WIFI password to connect using a Wireless connection. 
  • Open a web browser and access the default IP addresses,, and as per your router default IP address printed to the STC router. 
  • You will get the STC login page asking for a username and password to authenticate. Use “admin” as the default username and password as printed to your STC modem. 

How to change password for STC WiFi, Modem/Router?

After login into STC router settings, you can set up Internet settings, and Wireless settings, Change LAN IP address Enable content filtering and block users. Follow the next steps to change Wireless settings. 

STC Wireless SSID and Password Change 

 STC Modem and router preconfigured with default Wireless SSID and security key and it’s recommended to change it before using for the internet. Follow steps to change STC WIFI settings. 

 Go to Advanced Settings  


Wireless Settings 

Enable WLAN- Check (By default it’s enabled so no need to do anything) 

Country Code- Saudi Arabia (default) 

Channel- 11 (you can change the channel after using wifi Analyzer to find the best Wi-Fi frequency in your area). 

Channel Width- 20/40 

Transmit Power- 100% (you can reduce if your wifi zone area is less size or a single room) 

SSID- WiFi Network name (change here new wifi name as per your choice) 

Maximum number of Accessing devices- 32(default is 32 . You can set the number of WIFI users in your home so only you can connect to your wifi. This option for controlling wifi user limit in STC router) 

Enabled SSID – Check (make sure Enable SSID is Check else your wifi network will be hidden) 

  How to Change STC Router Username and Password

Change WiFi key 

Either you can change the WIFI key from Basic- Wireless Settings or use Advanced settings. 

Go to Wireless Security 

Security Mode- WPA2-PSK_AEs 

WPA Pre-shared key– Set a WIFI password here to protect your WIFI internet. 

After all wireless settings save and apply settings from the bottom button to confirm the wireless configuration. 

If you are using a wireless connection to access router settings, you will disconnect from WIFI after change SSID name. Connect again and follow the steps for changing STC Admin Login Password. 

Change STC Admin Password 

 The admin password is a key of accessing router settings and it is important to update during first-time configuration. You can use the admin login password as per your choice other the default login password. 

 Go to the MAINTENANCE tab from the left-side menu 

Change Password 

Old Password– provide the old password you use for the login router  

New Password – Create a new password as per your choice. 

Confirm new password– confirm new password to avoid spelling mistakes. 

Tips- use a stronger Login password that is hard to guess and easy to remember. Avoid using personal detail such as name, mobile number, address, and date of birth that are easy to guess. 


This is a simple way to log in STC modem and router to update the Wireless name and password to secure your internet connection. Also, first-time setup needs to access router settings. You can follow this STC login guide if you have any brands of Powered STC modems or routers that are provided by STC. 

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