SyroTech Fiber ONT SY-GPON-2010-WDONT Login and Setup

How to Login SyroTech Fiber ONT SY-GPON-2010-WDONT

Before login Syrotech Fiber ONU unit you must know the model number what does it mean.SY-GPON-2010 WDONT (Wireless dual-band ONT) Syrotech dual-band FTTH ONU device compatible with Syrotech fiber OLT, and some other Fiber OLT those are same sources like VSON, Netlink OLT, and many others. Setup Syrotech ONT can be remotely from an OLT  (Optical Line Terminal)
a device using the command line which is mostly managed by an internet service provider if you are a subscriber. Internet settings configured from OLT as per internet types such as PPPoE, Static or dynamic which configuration push by OLT management console and you don’t require manual Syrotech ONU configuration if it is managed by your internet provider. You can log in SyroTech SY-GPON-2010 WDONT Dual-band WIFI ONT modem to manage your wireless SSID name and password to keep your WiFi internet secured.

SyroTech Dual-band FTTH ONT device preconfigured with a default login password, Default WIFI SSID name and password which also printed to ONU device sticker so it can be used by anyone. It is always recommended to change the default WiFi name and password for your Wireless Fiber ONU device so only you can connect to WiFI internet. You are required to connect the Fiber ONT unit either a Wired or wireless connection from a Laptop or mobile device.  If your Syrotech Fiber ONT does not support the Wireless option then you must use a Wireless router after the FTTH ONT unit to turn Fiber internet into WiFi internet. Follow steps to Change Wireless Password and SSID in SyroTech dual-band WiFI ONT ONU Router.

 Syrotech Dual Band XPON ONT Default Login Settings

The Syrotech Dual Band XPON ONT with 4 Antenna Wireless Fiber ONT device configured default login IP address, username, and password as well as default wireless SSID and key which you can find on ONT sticker to log in for the first time.

How to Find Router login IP Address?

Default Login IP address SY-GPON-2010-

Default username– admin

Syrotech default Password– Syro@43210$

SyroTech Dual-band ONT Default Wireless SSID–  2.4GHZ- FFTH  and 5GHz Wireless SSID- FTTH5G

Default Wireless Security Key for Syrotech ONT- 12345678

Get login details for your fiber ONU device from the ONT box as well as the ONT sticker and follow the steps to login and configuration.

Access Syrotech Dual Band Wireless ONT Modem to the Web browser

Now you have to connect with ONT using LAN cable or using WiFI network. By default Wireless SSID and password are printed to a router sticker that you can use to connect in default mode. Follow the steps below to setup syrotech FTTH ONU / ONT.

  • Connect Your GPON ONT device to Computer/Laptop LAN port if want to use the LAN cable from the ONT LAN port.
  • Use default WiFI SSID “FTTH” or FTTH5G with default Syrotech WiFI password “12345678” to connect using wireless.
  • Go to PC LAN settings and make sure it is in DHCP mode to get an IP address from the Syrotech FTTH ONT DHCP server.
  • Open a Web browser and access Syrotech default ONU login IP address to URL bar and wait to load login page.
  • You will get an ONT login page asking for a Username, password, and a security challenge to keep your ONU device from spammer attacks.
  • Use default username “admin” and Syro@43210$ as the default password for first time login
  • In the next steps, you will ask to update the default login password during first-time login. Create a new login password for your Fiber ONT and log in with a new admin login password again.

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Once you are logged into the Syrotech Dual-band GPON ONU web interface now you can access internet settings, Wireless settings, and other security and maintenance options to make your network clear.

Change Wireless SSID and Password in SY-GPON-2010 ONT

Now you can change default Wireless SSID and password from Network options. IF you are using a Wireless connection to log in ONT web interface you may disconnect from ONT after making changes in SSID and password so you have to connect again with a new WIFI name and password.

Go to Network- 2.4G for 2.4GHz wireless settings and 5G for 5Ghz wireless settings.

Disable Wireless Network– the box should uncheck to enable for Wireless band.

Mode- AP

SSID- FTTH (change default SSID name to new WIFI name as per your choice_

Channel Width- 20/40

Channel– Auto

Scroll page and press apply settings button.

Syrotech SY-GPON-2010 WDAONT for BSNL FTTH

Change Wireless Security Key

Go to left side option WLAN Security option and select your SSID from the AP list.

SSID Type– ROOT AP (choose your SSID)

Encryption– WPA2-Mixed

Authentication mode– Personal (Pre-shared Key)

WPA Cipher suite- TKIP

WPA2 Cipher suite– AES

Pre-shared key format– passphrase

Pre-shared key– Crete WIFI password here

Note: Use a stronger WiFI security key mix with lower and upper case and special character to make it hard to guess and choose something that is easy to remember.

These are simple Steps to login and Wireless setup for dual-band Wireless Fiber ONT/ONU modem to using wired or wireless connection to keep updated your WiFi network with the latest password.

If you forget Syrotech ONT login and get the wrong username or password error simply use the reset button to make it factory reset and set up it again with new configurations.


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