Tenda Router Login Default Settings

Tenda Router Login Guide First Time Setup

Tenda Router login is required for the first-time login or to manage wireless settings later to keep your network secured. Tenda N300, Tenda N150, and other Tenda 11ac and WiFi 6 every wireless router required to setup before connecting to the network and internet connections. Tenda WiFi Login can do using the default Tenda IP address or Tenda login URL that works with all the latest routers. Tenda N301 is the hot selling low coast 300Mbps wireless router used by every internet provider.

If you have a Tenda router and looking for an easy login guide to setup the router the first time or to manage the WiFi name and password then this router guide will help you. You need to connect Tendawifi either a wired or wireless connection using the default SSID and WiFI key that is printed to the router sticker. You can get the default Tenda wireless router and username and password that are available on the router sticker as well as a quick guide included to the router. Tenda WiFi setup is a simple process using setup wizard once the router settings login.

Tenda Default Login Settings

To login to the Tenda Wi-Fi router you need to get the default login IP address or login URL for your router model that is usually printed on the router sticker. If you looking for default login settings for the old Tenda router then you can try the below.

Default IP Address–     for DSL Default IP –

Login URL-  http://tendawifi.com

Username Password
admin admin
admin password
admin 1234
NA Create first time login

In the latest Tenda Wireless router, there is no username option and the default password is also not set in default mode so you have to create a login password the first time to secure the router login.  Get login details for your router and follow further steps to log in.

Steps to Login Tenda Router

Tenda router needs to connect either wired or wireless to access the web interface from the browser. Although the latest late wifi 6 and wave 2 router series can setup and managed using Tenda Mobile apps that bit simple for beginners.

  • Unbox Tenda WiFi Router and power on with DC adapter.
  • Use LAN cable included with the Tenda router box to connect wired LAN connection from a Desktop or Laptop.
  • Use the default Tenda SSID name to connect using WiFi. Wireless default settings printed to router backside sticker.
  • Make sure PC/Laptop LAN default IP settings and Use the “obtain IP address automatically” option or use static IP
  • Open web browser and access or http://tendawifi.com or for ADSL modem to the URL bar.
  • You will get a Tenda router login page with a username or password option or if it’s the latest 11ac modem then you will get a setup wizard and asking to create an admin password for the first time.
  • tendawifi.com

Provide Tenda username and password as per your router or modem default settings available on the router sticker to access router settings.

Once login to Tenda router settings, the first step is setup internet wan settings as per your internet type PPPoE, Static, or DHCP type. To manage wireless settings follow the below steps.

Change Wireless SSID and Password

Wireless name and password most sensitive configurations in the wireless router that should always be stronger to keep the network protected from unknown access.

Go to WiFi Settings- WiFI name &Passwod’

2.4Ghz Network – Enabled

WiFi name- Create a new WiFi name for 2.4 GHz network as per your choice

Encryption Mode: WPA2-PSK

WiFi Password- create a new wifi password for your wifi network.

5 GHz Network

For dual-band router, you will get 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz settings so change wireless settings for both.

WiFi name– change WiFI name for 5Ghz network

Encryption Mode: WPA2-PSK

WiFI Password- create a new password for the 5Ghz network also.


Press the Save button to apply settings. You will be disconnected from the network after updating your name and password. Connect the router again with a new name and password for further configurations.

If you facing any error while accessing the Tenda router IP address, or Tenda’s login IP address not working for you or taking too long time to respond due to any network change or configuration issue. Just use the reset button to factory reset the Tenda router and try login in again with default settings.


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