Toshiba Remote Not Working Fix using DIY Steps

Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working Fix using a few DIY Steps

Why is my Toshiba remote not working

Remote a hand-held device to control your TV, Firebox, firestick, android box, or any other device that helps you to operate the device remotely. Probably sometimes the remote stop responding to the TV or the remote can not change the channel or stop partially or completely working. If you have to face a problem with Toshiba remote not working or Toshiba fire tv remote not working may problem with the remote battery, paring or LOS between the TV and remote. There are a few DIY steps that can fix Toshiba remote not working that can use for Firestick remote, DVD, Toshiba smart TV, and any other device that is controlled by remote.  Although you can turn on Toshiba remote without the remote using the power button available on Toshiba TV. However, you can solve the Toshiba Smart TV remote not working yourself just need to follow a few troubleshooting steps as given below.

How to Fix Toshiba TV Remote Not working?

Smart Tv, fire stickers, and other smart devices can operate faster with a remote, and no need to go near but if the remote stops working then it’s hard to operate every function using TV buttons. Remote stop working might be a temporary pairing problem, low or dead battery, Problem with IR connection, Line-of-sight, and other reasons that the TV stops responding to the remote.

Change Remote Battery

While the remote stop working and Toshiba TV won’t turn on using the remote, the first possible reason is the remote battery is either weak or completely dead which stop functioning the remote. Toshiba tv remote won’t work if the remote battery is weak or dead which does not give enough power to operate the TV using the remote. Just replace the battery with a new battery and check again Toshiba TV should start working with the remote and check each and every button should work if the problem comes due to the battery.

Check Remote Pairing

Losing pairing might Toshiba tv not respond to the remote and be required to pair again. Although universal remotes work with any TV without needing special pairing using code-specific remotes that come with Toshiba TV need to pair. You can get pairing steps from the quick user guide or Toshiba’s official website. I lost my Toshiba tv remote and when I buy a new remote it needs to pair with Toshiba TV to work with it.

Use the Pair button for Toshiba fire TV remote pairing if it stops working. If you didn’t find the pair button on Fire TV remote then press the home button for 30 seconds pointing to Toshiba TV and waiting until it’s paired successfully.

Check Line of Sight between TV and Remote

Make sure you are using a remote from a 10-meter distance and between TV and remote it should be a proper line of sight and not any type of obstacle that blocks the signal from the remote. Check if anything covering the TV IR sensor portion that stoping the remote signal.

Power Cycle of Toshiba TV

If Toshiba remote red light flashes and the TV does not respond to the remote then just power off Toshiba TV and turn it on again after a few minutes. Check the remote again if it’s working with Toshiba TV after making a power cycle and check all buttons to confirm the TV responded to the remote properly.

Replace Remote with New Remote

If you have tried a new remote battery, check remote IR working properly, the Line of sight is clear, and still, Toshiba fire Tv remote or Toshiba Tv remote not working than last way is to replace the TV remote with the new one. You can contact Toshiba Supported center to get a compatible remote for your Toshiba TV or Toshiba fire TV that works with your TV model number.


Final Word

Facing remote issues with Toshiba normal TV or Fire Tv both have the same troubleshooting steps to fix the problem. However Toshiba smart TV remote not working have alternate way is to use Toshiba mobile apps to control your TV until the remote gets repaired or replaced. You can follow the above steps to fix the TV remote not working before buying a new remote and can borrow the remote to test if the problem with the TV or you are remote that not responding to the TV.


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