Tplinklogin Admin Login User Guide

Tplinklogin Admin Login Guide default web URL for access TP-link Wireless router, Modem, and range extender device instead of using tplinklogin IP address. TP-Link router and modem can access either using default IP address such as,, and or using login URL such as tplinklogin. Net. URL and login IP address both printed to router sticker so you can use anyone to login Tplink routers. URL is an easy method to login router from a mobile browser as well as a computer without remembering IP address. If you changed the default login IP address for your tplink router and want to access than tplinklogin login URL you can use to access settings. Although to login router using URL or IP address both required a physical wired connection or wireless connection with the router you want to access so might not work remotely until you have using any remote service or using a public IP address.

Default Login username and password for TP Link Login

You need a default credential to login tplink login using login URL tplinklogin net and IP address.

Login Username and password might different as per device types such as a wireless router, DSL modem, and range extenders. Although you can find login settings details printed to router sticker backside.

How to Find Router login IP Address?

Default login URL for TPLink Log in–,

Default login address- , ,

(Note:The default access address differs by model. Please find it on the bottom label of the product.)

Default username – admin

Default password – admin

Steps To Access Router Using Tplinklogin

You need to connect your router or modem to a mobile, tablet, or computer to login settings from the browser. You can use wireless or wired LAN connection as supported your router and computer or mobile device. follow steps to login TP-Link router using URL and IP address.

  • Connect TPLink router using wifi from a mobile or using wire from the computer.
  • Open a web browser and access URL or Login IP address or for ADSL modem.
  • You will get a TP-link login page asking you to log in with a username and password. User “admin” as username and “admin” as password for default login. If you already changed the admin password use the same updated new administrator login password.
  • TP Link Login - -
  • Once you log in to the router control panel and access the dashboard where you can access all settings.

After login, You can update your wireless SSID, Password, Internet settings, website blocking, internet schedule as well as port forwarding options.

TPLINKLOGIN Troubleshooting

If you are facing any issue while access from the web browser and unable to access router login page. You may follow the below steps if not working.

  • Using wifi connection make sure connected to the same router you looking to log in.
  • If using wired confirm LAN cable connected LAN port instead of using WAN port.
  • Check you are using login URL in proper format and avid typing error such as is right but if using or www tplinklogin net, http //, htttp://, http// will redirect to an error page.
  • Make sure any antivirus or PC firewall not blocking URl to access in browser.
  • IF still facing an issue you should factory reset the router to restore into default mode.
  • Follow the steps below to reset tplink router. Admin Login Router Password

TPLink Router Reset Steps

Resetting the router will erase all configuration from the router and need to setup again so before making a factory reset to make sure you have configuration detail or configuration backup to restore again.

Follow steps to reset tplink logins

  • Turn on the router with dc adapter and wait until it properly boot up.
  • Locate a small reset button beside LAN ports.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds and release
  • The router will reboot and take a few movements to restore into default mode.
  • Follow the above steps to access the router using or using IP address.

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