TrendNet TEW 652 BRP N300 Login, Setup and Review

Trendnet Tew 652 Brp N300 Wifi Router Login, Setup &Review

Trendnet TEW-652BRB is a single band 2.4Ghz wireless router with up to 300Mbps wireless speed. Login and setup Trendnet Tew 652 Brp Wifi router first time required as per your broadband internet settings or if you want to connect to your cable modem. Trendnet TEW-652BRP is a broadband router without modem support and it comes with a 4LAN port and 1WAN port.

Trendnet TEW-652BRB is a single-band wifi router with 2 Omni Antenna for better wifi range and stable connectivity. Trendnet 652brb supports a 100Mbps LAN port so if your internet plan Is 100+ Mbps then you should go with Trendnet  TEW-810DR  ac750 dual-band or Trendnet TEW-811DR 1200mbps Dual-band WIFI router. This article will help you to log in to Trendnet Tew 652 Brp using a wireless or wired connection from the PC/Laptop or mobile device for first-time setup.

Before proceeding to Trendnet router login you should know the basic speciation and review for the Tew 652brb router if you looking to buy one router for your wifi internet.

Trendnet TeW-652brp 300Mbps WIFI router Review & Specification

TEW-652brb router single band router supports up to 300mbps wireless speed and 100mbps fast ethernet LAN port so from wired you can only get up to 100mbps speed.

TEW-652BRB N300 Hardware & Software  Specifications
Wireless speed 2.4Ghz single band 300Mbps
LAN Port 4x100mbps LAN port
WAN port 1x100mbps
Power 7.5V DC, 1A external power adapter
Frequency 2.412~2.484GHz band
Antenna 2 x 2dBi fixed dipole antennas
WiFi Security WEP(HEX/ASCII): 64/128-bit WPA(AES/TKIP): WPA/WPA2-Radius, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

N300Mbps supports 300mbps wifi speed in wireless but that is used to transfer data between two devices wireless only. If you have an internet plan of more than 100mbps then you need a dual band wifi router with Gigabit LAN and WAN port so you can get more than 100Mbps wireless and wired internet speed.

Default Login Credential for Trendnet TEW-652brp Wireless Router

Default login IP address, username, and password required for first-time configuration of the router. Default credentials are printed on the router sticker as well a quick user guide is included with the new router.

Trendnet Default Login IP address-

Default username- admin

Default password- admin

If the “admin” password not working for your Trendnet router check the default password printed to the router sticker or if you have changed the default password already use the same updated login password.

Login Trendenet N300 Single band WIFI router from Browser

Once you find the default login credential for your router now follow the next steps to connect and login to Trendnet router settings from a web browser. Follow the steps below for the Trendnet TEW-652 BRP router setup guide.

  • Unbox the Trendnet Wireless router if first time set up and connect it to the DC power adapter that comes with the device.
  • Find the default WIFI SSID name and Password printed on the sticker to connect using wireless.
  • Use LAN cable from LAN port to Desktop/Laptop LAN port.
  • Open the web browser and access to the URL bar and access the Trendnet router web interface.
  • Use the default login username and password printed to sticker or use “admin” for username and password for first-time login.
  • Once you log in you will get router all settings and you need to set up internet, LAN, Wireless, and other configurations.

trendnet tew 432 brp

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Trendnet TEW-652brb WAN settings

IF you looking first time setup your Trendnet broadband router for your internet connection then you need to get WAN settings from your ISP as per your internet type from PPPoE or Static IP type. Follow the steps to configure WAN settings.

Go to the left side option “Main”

Main- WAN

Connection Type- Static IP or PPPoE (choose as per your internet type and get details from your ISP)

If the internet type is PPPoE then provide Username and password and if the Internet type is Static IP

Then get Static IP and Gateway along with DNS server from the internet provider and save settings.

trendnet tew 638 apb

After finishing the internet settings follow the second steps to change Wireless settings.

Change Wireless SSID Network name and Password

Changing the Wireless SSID and password is also important for first-time configuration to avoid using the default password.

Go to Wireless- Basic settings

Under basic settings, you will get Wireless SSID settings.

Wireless- Enabled

SSID- TRENDnet651 (change this default SSID name and create a new WIFI name)

Channel– Auto

Channel Width- Auto

SSID broadcast- Enable

Apply settings and connect again with the new SSID to change the WiFI security key if you using a Wireless connection.

Go to Wireless- Security

Authentication Type        WPA2

PSK / EAP –          PSK  (Select PSK)

Cipher Type-     Auto ( Choose Auto)

Is trendnet router tew-652 brp 2.4ghz?

Apply settings and Wireless configuration finish for your Trendnet Router.

Along with Wireless settings login admin password also needs to be changed.

Change Trendnet Administrator Login Password

Changing the Login password makes your router access more secure for users connecting to your wifi or wired internet.

Go to Main- Password

There are two types of users available one is an Administrator and the second is a user with limited rights.

Administrator (The login name is “admin”)

New Password  – Create a new password for the Administrator account that gives full rights to the user.

Confirm Password – Confirm Login password for Admin.

Change User Account Password with limited control rights

User (The login name is “user”)

New Password  –  Create a New Password for a user account

Confirm Password – Confirm new password for User accounts.

Apply settings and your Trendnet N300 Wireless router ready to use an internet connection with secured and safe internet browsing.


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