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Ueevii Wireless Bridge Point To Point / Point to Multi Point Setup

Ueevii Wireless Bridge Point To Point Setup For Long-Range

Ueevii wireless bridge for long range and connects two different locations using wireless connectivity. Ueevii wireless bridge device is useful to connect two different locations where a physical cable is not possible and wireless bridge maintenance and installation are less than wired connectivity.

Ueevii WiFi bridge also used to turn any non-wireless device into a wireless such as an IP camera, NVR, network printer, and any other device installed in a remote location and a physical cable is not possible. Ueevi wireless bridge comes with a pair of master and slave devices or also called AP and CPE devices.

There are many different wireless birge point-to-point devices available from Ueevii for different distances and speeds required. There are some popular point-to-point wireless bridges of Ueevii available as given below.

Ueevii Wireless Bridge Long Range Point to Point device

ueevii wireless bridge manual download



There are some wireless bridge pair for distances from 1Km to 5Km available with integrated directional antenna that are easy to mount and give you stable connectivity.

Model Wireless Band
UeeVii CPE880 5.8G 1Gbps Point to Point Round Wireless Bridge 5Ghz
UeeVii CPE850 5.8G 16dBi 5KM Gigabit Outdoor ptp 5Ghz
UeeVii CPE820 5.8G 1Gbps 16dBi 3KM / CPE830 5Ghz
UeeVii CPE450 5.8G Outdoor CPE Point to Point Long Range / CPE453 5Ghz
2.4G Wireless Bridge for 1KM Short Distance 2.4Ghz
Ueevii 2.4G Wireless Bridge, Point-to-Point Outdoor Internet Bridge with 12dBi Directional Antenna 2.4Ghz

Ueevi 5.8Ghz wireless device also comes with different model numbers so the default login IP address can be different for each device with a different web interface.

Default Login IP address and Username password for Ueevii Wireless Bridge

Ueevii default login username and password along with the default IP address printed to device sticker and quick user manual included with the box. Find the default login IP address and username password used for Ueevii 5.8Ghz and 2.4ghz WiFi bridge.

IP address Username password admin admin admin admin admin admin admin admin admin admin

Get the default login details for your Ueevii Master and Ueevii slave device or Access point or CPE device.

Ueevii Wireless Point to Point setup using Pairing Switch

A quick pairing switch is a smart way to configure the Ueevii wireless bridge using master and slave switches that are not required for the login web interface. The quick pairing method is a predefined configuration mode that auto-configures SSID and wifi password for the master device and same connects to the slave device. Configure the Wireless bridge without a PC/Laptop using the pairing switch available on both AP and CPE devices.

Device A Master device setup

Power ON Master device using PoE adapter comes with the box. Use the PoE out port to the Master Device LAN port and wait to power on it for about 2 minutes.

There are small switches with M and S options. To make the device Mast switch should be near M and for the Slave modem Switch should be S side.

Now Press the tiny reset button until you get a channel on the LEE screen. The LED screen will show a,b,c…f  and 1,2,3. check CH0011 C mean channel number and 11 is 11 number channel for 2.4Ghz and CH0036.

Device B Slave Mode Setup

Now connect device B with the PoE adapter and power on it. Wait for 2 minutes until it’s properly powered ON.

Now repeater the same process is done for the Master device and select the same channel as selected on the Master device. Exp- if the Master device LED shows CH0036  make the same channel on Slave device and wait until the device connects and you will see the signal LED status show solid green.

Ueevii Point to Point wireless Bridge configuration using the Login method

In configuring a Wireless bridge two Wireless devices need to be configured one by one. One device wireless mode configures as an Access point or Access point WDS and the second device Mode should be client or CPE mode. Follow the steps to configure the Ueevii Wireless bridge Point to point or point to multipoint for long range.

Location A Device Setup as Wireless AP

  • Connect Wireless Bridge device 1 and power it on with the PoE adapter that comes with a box.
  • Connect LAN cable from the PoE adapter LAN port to a Desktop/laptop to access the web interface.
  • Use Lan cable from PoE adapter PoE out port to Device LAN port.
  • Open Desktop/laptop LAN settings and use the static IP address of the same series of your Ueevii wireless bridge IP. EXP- if your Wireless bridge login IP is then use in your PC/laptop LAN settings to access the web interface.
  • Now open web browser and access Ueevii login IP address or the default login IP printed on your device sticker.
  • Use “admin” as the default login username and password to access settings.
  • Now go to “Operation mode” or the Wireless option that depends on the bridge web interface.
  • Wireless Bridge, UeeVii CPE450 5.8 G Outdoor CPE Point
  • Go to Bridge Set option if no operation mode is available-
  • Choose Bridge – Master for Device A and save the settings
  • Go to Wireless 5Ghz options now
  • ueevii 5.8 g outdoor cpe
  • Change the SSID name for Master Device SSID- Bridge5Ghz
  • Set the bridge password that is used to connect from Device B (slave) to Master A device.
  • Select a Channel number as per interference at your area and country supported.
  • Save settings and proceed with Device B setup.
  • After the configuration of Device A now follow the configuration for Device B slave mode.

Tplinklogin Admin Login User Guide

Device B for Remote Location as Slave Mode

Connect the second device to set up as client mode from browser settings.

Use the PoE adapter and connect the same as connect for the device connection steps and access with the default login IP address and password.

Go to Lan settings first and change the Slave IP address to different than the Master IP. Use the same series but as both devices same default login IP change for slave and login again.

Change Wireless Operation mode first.

Go to “Bridge Set”

Bridge- Slave B

Save settings and go to the wireless option tab.

You will get a “SCAN” button beside the SSID option.

Scan for the Master device and you will get the SSID name you configured in the Master device.

Select the SSID and provide a wireless security key configured in the Master device.

Save settings and wait until the Slave device connects to the Master device.

After the wireless connection is established with the slave device from the master device both device signal LED lights will be solid green and the wireless bridge ready to use.

Placement of Wireless bridge for Better Speed

To get high throughput wireless connectivity in wireless bridge point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity you need proper placement of both master and slave device. There are a few points that you should keep in mind while installing a point-to-point long-range link.

  • Make sure both pint feasible and there are no obstacles between both locations.
  • Use a proper pole or mounting kid to tighten your master and slave device in both locations.
  • The direction of both radios should be proper and you can also align using a signal strength check inside the device web interface or also see LED status.


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