Verizon ONT Reset Password to Default-2 Ways

How to Factory Reset Verizon ONT If Forget Login Password?

Verizon ONT (Optical network terminal) last mile connectivity device installed at the client’s home to connect Fiber internet from an OLT device. Verizon Fiber ONU or ONT device is used for FiOS internet service and if you using multiple services such as internet, Voice, and TV then this device is installed at your home to provide you internet over fiber cable. This article is about Verizon ONT reset to default mode if you forget your login password, or might other reason to reset the Verizon FTTH ONT device.

If your ONT device supports Wireless and you may want to change your WiFi password or name or your Fiber WiFi ONT modem does not provide proper connectivity or unstable Wi-Fi connection then making a reset may fix your problems.

There are two ways to reset the Verizon ONT Modem router. The first method is to Sign in to the Admin WebGUI of Verizon ONT if you facing any connectivity issues with your network and you are able to log in to WebGui.The second method is to Reset Verizon ONT using the Verizon ONT reset button if you forget your login password and can’t login Web GUI. The first way to reset the Verizon Fiber Modem is safer than the hard reset method because you can download the configuration backup file before resetting the configuration. In this Verizon ONT  factory default guide you will get both methods to reset your fiber modem with login ONT and without Login ONT/ONU unit.

How to Factory Reset Verizon ONT using Web GUI Login

Although FiOS Verizon uses different brands of ONT devices such as Calix 812NG-V, Nokia I-211M-L, and Alcatel and few other manufacturers. The login IP address for Verizon ONT is but the login password can be different for each manufacturer. Find Verizon fiber ONT login password printed to sticker along with username and password for first-time login.


Note: Making Verizon ONT Factory reset will erase all configurations and internet will stop working until you setup the ONT device again as per your internet configuration. Only reset your ONT device if you are able to configure it again or you can contact to your service provider if you facing any issues.

How to Find login IP Address ?

  • If your Verizon ONT has built-in WiFi then you can use WiFi to log in web interface from a laptop or computer.
  • For NON WiFi ONT devices use a LAN cable from the ONT LAN port to a computer/laptop LAN port.
  • Open the web browser and access Verizon ONT default login IP address to the URL bar.
  • Use “admin” as the default login username and find the login password printed on the ONT sticker. If you already changed the admin password then use the new login password.
  • Go to the ONT Admin tab from the settings menu or ONT management. Menu options can be different for different manufacturers of Verizon ONT devices.
  • Under ONT Management you will get the option to save the configuration back before resetting it to default.
  • Save the configuration backup file so you can restore settings after making ONT full factory default.
  • Once you download the config file go to the Reboot/Reset option where you will get Reset and Force Reset options.
  • If you just want to reboot your ONT device without restoring to default mode then just use the Reset button. For a full factory reset press the Force Reset button to reset all configurations to default mode.
  • ONT will be restored to default settings and after the reboot is complete you can log in again with default settings. Restore the configuration file that you saved before resetting ONT and checking the internet should start again.

If you forget your login password and are unable to access Verizon Admin Web GUI and unable to access the ONT settings page to change Wireless settings and other configurations then you can use Hard reset methods.

Verizon ONT Reset Using Reset Button

Making the Verizon Fiber modem reset button process is called hard reset and it’s a simple and faster way to restore configuration to default mode if you forget your login password and are locked out. If you are using a Verizon ONT battery backup Unit and want to reset the power of your ONT unit, then just press the battery reset button for Verizon FiOS battery backup unit reset

To make a Verizon Fiber ONT modem follow the process and make sure you have configuration backup to restore or you need to configure ONT again.

  • Power ON ONT Unit using Direct power or FiOS Verizon Battery Backup Unit.
  • Find a small reset button or reset hole beside the ONT unit.
  • Use a clip or needle to press the reset button from the reset hole
  • Press the ONT reset button for 6 seconds and release.
  • ONT device will automatically restart and take a few moments to restore into default settings.
  • After the ONT reset finishes, all settings will erase and Verizon ONT reset but still no internet means you need to configure the ONT device again after the factory reset.

verizon ont reset button

Both the above are simple Verizon ONT reset instructions to factory default your ONT device and you can fix many problems that usually come when the modem runs longer time without upgrading firmware or rebooting.

Hope this Verizon ONT box reset guide will help you to solve your problem but if you still facing any issues with your internet then you may raise a complaint to Verizon’s official technical team or contact Verizon’s support team to fix your problem.


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