Virgin Router Login and Setup | Complete Guide

Virgin Router Login and Change Password

Virgin is one of the most well-known companies in the UK, similar to the way in which Virgin America is in the US. Virgin offers many services, one of which is a broadband internet service. It is important to know how to login to your Virgin broadband router to keep your Wifi internet secured from others

If you are a Virgin Media broadband subscriber or if you’re looking for a router to protect your home network and devices, you may try your virgin router login but not find a worthy virgin login guide. This article going to describe the initial configuration process for the Virgin device, which is necessary in order to create a secure network. Follow the steps for virgin router login and setup first time or update settings.

Everyone has a broadband internet connection at home and office today. Your home or office internet router is a vital component of your home and office security. You should periodically change your router password to ensure that your home is safe from hackers. In this article, I will show you how to change the password on a Virgin Media Broadband router, and how to reset the router password of login lost.

How to Change the Router Password on a Virgin Media Broadband

Keeping your router password is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. While it’s not the most exciting task to do in the world, it’s important to do for your own data safety. It’s important to change your router password when you change the password for your other online accounts. The reason for this is that many people use the same login passwords for different accounts. Your router is connected to the internet and if someone is able to access your router, they can get access to your computer, printer, and all the other devices that are connected to the internet.

Steps to Login Virgin Media Hub 3.0/Router

The first step to access Virgin Media hub 3.0 or Virgin modem, as well as Router, is the connection with modem either wired or wireless. Follow the steps below to login to the virgin modem and hub for first-time setup or updating wireless settings.

  • Connect Power Adapter to Virgin Router/Modem/ Media hum 3.0 and make it power ON.
  • After a few seconds search Virgin default SSID something “viriginmedia12345” and connect it from the Wi-Fi network.
  • Use LAN cable from Virgin modem Ethernet port to Desktop/laptop LAN port for Wired connection.
  • Open a Web browser and access virgin media hub default IP or if you enabled Virgin Modem Mode then use login IP and wait until the virgin login page is loaded.
  • Use Virgin router default login username “admin” and password “changeme” and also printed to hub bottom.

virgin media cable modem login

After login in to the Virgin modem, you will get all the admin access to settings. You have to configure WAN / DSL settings, Update Wireless Name and key, Update the Virgin modem Admin password, and other security features that you can enable to protect your network.

How to change your Virgin Hub WiFi network name (SSID) and WiFi password

It is important to change the default WIFI SSID and network name to secure your network. After login Virgin Router it is very simple and quick steps to change WIFI Settings.

Go to Advanced settings on the left side.

Select Wireless -> Security.

Under Security, you will get Wireless SSID and WiFi password settings

Wireless Network name (SSID)– Change Virgin SSID here and create a new Wifi name

Security- WPA2-PSK

Wifi password (security Key)- Create WIFI password here for the virgin Hub wifi network.

Repeater same for Wireless 5Ghz band if your Virgin Router dual band. For single band only 2.4Ghz wireless settings will be available.

virgin media login to router

Select Apply changes to save new configurations.

The above steps will help you to change Wireless Default settings that will protect your WiFi network. Apart from Wireless, there is also important to change the Virgin Admin login password that is printed to the device which anyone can use to access your modem settings.

Change Virgin RouterAdmin Password

The admin password is something like a key to access your router and once anyone can get the key then they can change all your router and network settings so it is most important to keep your key safe and update the admin password during first-time setup.

Go to the Admin tab from the left side vertical menu on your Virgin media router and hub.

Admin- Change Password

Old Login Password- provide an old login password printed to the modem sticker or you used for login.

New Password– Create a new Admin password

Confirm New Password- Confirm the new login password again to avoid any mistakes and mismatches.

Apply and save settings and keep your new admin login password safe and avoid writing over the router and something that anyone can read it.

Virgin Media Hum Login Troubleshooting

If you facing any issues while trying to login into your modem and media hub using the default IP address then follow the troubleshooting steps given below to fix login problems.

Why is Virgin Media Login IP Address Not Working?

Virgin Media Hum 3.0 Default Login IP address is but if you enabled Modem mode then will Work. Also if using a Wired connection make sure connected to LAN port and if using WIFI make sure you are connected to the same wifi network you want to login router.

Wrong Username and Password Error

Please find Virgin default Login username and password printed to modem bottom side sticker. If you have changed the admin login password the first time and forget then make the router factory reset to restore into default mode.

How to Reset Virgin Media Router and Modem?

You can factory reset the Virgin modem password using the reset button but it will also remove all settings you have made.

  • Locate a small reset button beside the LAN port or bottom side.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and release it when the modem auto reboot.
  • Wait a few minutes until the modem resets and restores to default mode.
  • Login again with default settings and restore configuration backup if you have downloaded before reset the device or setup manually.

Final words

This post is about the importance of the Login Virgin router and updating your old wireless configuration and other internet settings. It’s been six months since you changed your old Wireless name and password or updated your router firmware and it’s time for an upgrade. You’ll get a better internet connection and less lag time. The post goes on to explain the benefits of updating wifi settings or replacing your old router with a new router and how to go about it.

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