Wireless Ethernet Bridge for Long Range Point to Point connectvity

Best Wireless Ethernet Bridge to Connect Two Locations Wirelessly

A Wireless Ethernet bridge is a way to connect two locations using wireless devices that turn your Ethernet to wireless using a wireless bridge. A Wireless Ethernet bridge converts any Ethernet device to a wireless device that helps you to connect two different points wirelessly where you cannot connect an Ethernet physical cable directly.

Ethernet Wireless Bridge also called Point to Point wireless bridge device that used for outdoor connection for long range. If looking wireless Ethernet bridge for indoor purpose then a wireless range extender device can turn into a wireless bridge because it connect wirelessly and give your Ethernet port to connect your wired desktop, NVR or any other device.

There is also a way to use an old wifi router as a Wireless Ethernet bridge using a Repeater or range extender mode or client mode if supported by your router. Although there are many brands long range point-to-point wireless Network bridges available if you want to connect your two offices, or any two locations more than 5 Km.

Best Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge for Long range

There are two types of wireless bridges, outdoor and indoor. The outdoor device can be configured as a Wi-Fi ethernet bridge to connect two different locations between 5-10 Km and more if using an external antenna.  Find the best low-cost wireless ethernet bridge for outdoor connectivity you can use for your office and home network.

TP-Link CPE510/ CPE210

TP-Link CPE510 wireless bridge is a 5Ghz band with an inbuilt antenna and is suitable for up to 2 Km distance wireless connectivity. TP-Link cPE210 2.4Ghz wireless band so it’s suitable for a small distance or using a long-range wireless AP device for outdoor purposes.

TP-link CPE510 and CPE610 5Ghz device up to 300mbps wireless speed and 10/100MbpsEthernet port to use as wireless ethernet bridge between two different locations.

ethernet wireless bridge



Ueevii Wireless Bridge (CPE 450 /CPE850)

Ueevii wireless bridge outdoor CPE 450 and CPE850 are also yet another low-cost wireless Network bridge for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity.  Ueevii CPE830 is 5.8Ghz outdoor CPE with an inbuilt 16dbi antenna and gigabit Ethernet speed for up to 3Km distances as per the brand’s claim.

If you looking for speed up to 50mbps for 1-2 CCTV camera purposes then you can go with UeeVii CPE450 Wireless Bridge,5.8G 100Mbps LAN port, and 14dBi antenna outdoor CPE. ueevii wireless bridge setup is simple and easy also you can find the ueevii wireless bridge manual in pdf as well as videos from the official Ueevii website.

ethernet to wireless bridge


Mikrotik Sxt/ Disk Lite/ Mikrotik LHG

There are many low-cost wireless bridge point-to-point devices available in Mikrotik brands that are used and trusted by many internet service providers as well as small, medium, and enterprise labels. Mikrotik Sxtsq lite and Disklite is a very popular low-cost point-to-point device up to 2-3 km distance connectivity.

However, if you looking long-range device from Mikrotik then you can go with Mikrotik Netmetal, Base Box, Mikrotik Dynadish, and other long-range wireless bridges that support external antenna provision.

Cambium PMP1000 / PTP650/ PTP50

Cambium yet another wireless bridge to turn your wired device into an Ethernet bridge to connect two different offices or locations. Cambium PTP 600 Point-to-Point Wireless Ethernet Bridges and another model available depend on the wireless range and throughput you require. If you looking for commercial solutions for your office network then you can go with Cambium PTP and PTM wireless ethernet bridge devices.

Tenda O1-5G/ Tenda O3/O9/O8 Wireless Ethernet Bridge

Tenda on of the best low-cost wireless PTP and PTM devices along with indoor WiFi router and range extender providers. Tenda outdoor wireless Ethernet bridge is available with 2.4Ghz as well as 5Ghz band up to 300Mbps wireless speed and is suitable for making a wireless bridge up to 1-2 Km if you want to connect your internet or CCTV camera from one location to another location where physical cable not feasible.

If you looking for a long-range Wireless ethernet bridge to connect two locations more than 2Km distance then you can go with the Tenda O9 and Tenda o8 23dbi extender antenna outdoor CPE with gigabit speed.


Kuwfi Wireless Bridge

Kuwfi wireless bridge is yet another cost-effective Ethernet bridge suitable for internet, CCTV, and camera installation inside a lift without using physical wire. Kuwfi outdoor wireless bridge is available a pair of 2 wireless bridges of 300mbps speed for upto 1Km point to point distance.

Kuwfi 5.8Ghz wireless bridge with 1000Mbps gigabit ethernet port and up to 900mbps wireless speed for long range and height wireless throughput available with outdoor IP65 enclosure. Kuwfi wave 2 wireless bridge up to 20 km with a solid dish antenna if you looking Point to point for long range.


Ubiquiti LBE-5AC

Ubiquiti lbe-5ac-gen2-us is yet another best popular wireless bridge solution from Ubiquiti networks and there are many other low-cost wifi bridges available.  UBNT network a well-known name and is used by worldwide internet service providers, home users, and enterprise networks.

If you looking outdoor point-to-point and point-to-multipoint ethernet bridge for CCTV, internet, and connecting two different locations’ local networks then you can go with Ubiquiti lbe-5ac-gen2 and Ubiquiti lbe-5ac-16-120 5ghz litebeam ac 802.11ac for higher throughput.

WAVLINK Outdoor WiFi Range Extender

Wavlink outdoor wifi range extender is best for a campus, park, or small area that you want to use for your outdoor wired CCTV camera. Wavlink outdoor wiif range is extended with two omni directional antennae AC600 and dual band wifi bands 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz that you can configure wireless bridge either in 2.4ghz or 5.8Ghz that depending on your main host router.


Indoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge

If you looking indoor wireless LAN bridge for your home and office to turn your Wired desktop, camera, network printer, or any other device to wireless then you can use a WiFi repeater device with Ethernet ports.

WiFi range extender with Ethernet port can configure a Wi-Fi ethernet bridge and it’s suitable to use indoor purposes only. If you have a wifi router and support client or wifi repeater mode then you can also turn your old wifi router into a wireless Ethernet bridge for indoor connectivity. There are many different range extender brands available for indoor purposes such as Netgear, Linksys, Wavlink, D-Link, TP_link, and many other brands that are compatible with any brands.


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